When it rains, it pours at Smith’s Memorial Primary


Teachers at the Smith’s Memorial Primary School, Hadfield Street, Georgetown, are concerned about a leaking roof at the institution, which is currently affecting the pupils as the daily downpours continue.

The leaking roof went unnoticed at the school for months during the dry weather but now that the rainy season has begun, students and teachers are being forced to move around their classrooms to avoid getting wet.

Head Teacher, Iyodele Hamilton explained that the Education Ministry was informed of the situation since last term and promises were made to have the issue rectified as soon as possible.

According to the Head Teacher, the school was visited on Tuesday by an official who seemed as though he was assessing the situation. She, however, complained that several other parts of the building also leak whenever it rains, especially the auditorium which is generally used to facilitate formal events.

“We are looking for help in that area, with immediate effect that would be good,” Hamilton pleaded.



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