What’s stopping them? President, Granger ready to talk

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.


By Fareeza Haniff

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.
Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – With the impending debate on the No Confidence Motion against the government slated for October 16 in the National Assembly, both President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger say they are ready to meet and talk; however neither have made an effort to actually set a meeting date.

The President, during his feature address at the opening of GuyExpo 2014 on Thursday night (October 02), expressed his readiness to speak to the Opposition Leader and all opposition Parties.

Additionally, Granger told a news conference on Friday, October 03 that he too is ready to meet with the President, but that he has received no such invitation to date.

There have been several meetings in the past between the government and the Opposition; however, it was only to discuss Guyana’s failure to pass the amendments to its Anti – Money Laundering Legislation.

Since the No Confidence Motion was submitted in the National Assembly, there have been no reported efforts between the administration and the Opposition to discuss the issue.

If passed in the National Assembly, the motion would force the government to call general elections.

President Ramotar in his address to the GuyExpo gathering spoke about the “uncertainty in body politics,” as he noted that there are deliberate attempts to put the country in harm’s way.

“But we will have to continue to push ahead nevertheless,” the President said.

He added, “For those who today continue to live a negative role, let me say that as soon as they are ready to talk about the welfare of our country and our people, they will find a genuine partnership in this PPP/C government…our doors are never close to those who want to look at the welfare and interest of our country.”

According to the President, “I know many are concern about the recent politics development and talk about confidence and no confidence….let me assure you that whatever action we will take, or we will have to take in the near future, local government or general election, they will all be within our laws.”



  1. take your blinders off and see how ppp hire your people and how they are corrupt..police army passport office drivers license office .why your people cant work for a honest living? why do they have to be so corrupt? then yall blame others for it..mugabee spent 250,000 US $$ for his birthday while he suffer your people terribly and u cant talk.

  2. Sad that the president is ready to talk about the country and people but doesnt actually mean that. He brought a guy who has no knowledge about sugar to oversee all operations of guysuco and who inturn has his pimps working for him in the industry. The president wasnt around when his the strike at skeldon started. What has he done about it. He cannot cause singh hashidden the real story from with his bambozzle lies and singh and his boys continue to reign.
    stand by your words mr president and step into guysuco and see the real truth. You are a good man but too weak as the others say.

  3. Ramotar is hamstrung by the element of pervasive corruption, which explains why he cannot do what he really wants to do. If only he had real guts…

  4. you bet that there are deliberate attempts to put the country in harm’s way.. why you think the US is so active in calling for LGE while the stinkers who thought jagan dead and leff country for them to rule calling no confidence..these ex ppp stinkers want to install pnc to power so they in turn can rule PNC then get their buddies to get in on those big contracts so they can repay what their buddies pumped into afc..jatan and naga owes some people big time..tratman and others will never tell how much they paid dick morris to this day…afc want to get in through pnc so they can pay off their nig money donors…


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