“What the hell they want guns for?” Rohee asks; Ministry to review gun laws


By Kurt Campbell

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee has signaled his intention to approach President Donald Ramotar to review local gun laws.

The Minister comments come in light of an apparent surge in gun crimes and gun related murders. According to Rohee, with or without the Opposition Leader David Granger’s support a review of such laws in the National Assembly is needed.

“Everybody wants a gun, what the hell they want it for? I don’t know! People behaving like this is the US where they have the right to arms, you don’t have the right to arms!” Rohee exclaimed.

He recommends the initialization of a national debate on the topic of entitlement to firearms.

“We must talk about whether people have the right to arms or not and if not what are the alternative because I know people are going to ask how then should people protect themselves,” the Home Affairs Minister told a gathering of stakeholders at the opening of the National Conference for the Prevention of Interpersonal Violence.

He urged everyone to go aggressively after criminals.

“Go after those buying, lending, selling and trading arms, step up the intel and review all gun licenses issued.”

The Home Affairs Minister said there is also the need for the Ministry of Home Affairs to have an input in the renewal of all gun licenses since it does not exist at present.

The ministry however has an input in the issuance of licenses.

“There should be no automatic renewal of firearms, we must take a strong approach against these people because people with guns are embarrassing this country. People shooting each other is embarrassing this country,” Rohee said.




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