What is the Gov’t hiding? – AFC wants 2012 Census final report

AFC MP, Trevor Williams.
AFC MP, Trevor Williams.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) has observed that 2014 is slowly coming to a close and the final report of the 2012 Housing and Population Census still cannot be made public.

The Party decried attempts at fostering development without the critical data to guide this development; adding that it is tired of excuses.

When the preliminary report which outlined broad parameters was made public in July the final report was promised by the second half of 2015 which will provide details on ethnic composition of the population, unemployment rate and foreign born population among others.

“How can this government continue to plan and put forward a national budget without the relevant data, or are they willfully withholding the census report?” AFC’s Trevor Williams questioned; adding that “What is in it that they don’t want the public to know?”

Williams said his Party remains committed to the development of Guyana’s youth population; pointing out that 2014 was particularly challenging to youth with regards to unemployment and lack of opportunities to develop and nurture skill.

“The University of Guyana and other accredited institutions are producing hundreds professionals who are forced to alter their dreams or leave Guyana in search of a better life,” he told reporters at the Party’s yearend press conference on Thursday last.

In this regard, the AFC has called on the government to take the necessary steps to improve the livelihood and create more opportunities for the young.

The AFC also calls on young Guyanese to resist the temptation of criminal and law breaking activities and dedicate time and effort to utilizing whatever opportunities may exist.



  1. I bet most of the census takers are PNCites.
    They are most in civil service.
    I bet they can count when it comes to money.

  2. Well to be exact the opposition waste time in Parliament from 2012 when the census finished until November 10, 2014 when the Parliament was proroged. During that period of time they had a majority to demand answer. I don’t expect you to know that it is not the PPP that count the election’s result but GECOM. It is only the PPP that showed interest in the performance of GECOM while the opposition found the opportunity only to attack the PPP for this. It was only when Granger realise that he is loosing votes for the drama that unfold at several polling stations because of the opposition unruly polling day staff. He decided to call for faster results.

  3. these afc clowns want this want that want the other .ALL OF A SUDDEN WE HEARING THE ROAR OF THE BLACK VOICES OF AFCPNC..

  4. He men draw is another ppp paid blogger to be saying such soft sh*t. The census was 2012. Two years ago. No confidence only came about 6 months ago.
    Just like it took days to count the elections results of 2011. The same for the census. Apparently we have a counting problem but I can count on a ppp blogger to talk sh*t.

  5. I’ll tell you what you want to hear,AFC: they are hiding the ethnic breakdown of the population. Right? And the Indians have decreased in numbers .Right? And the PPP wouldn’t win the next election. Right? YOU ARE TOO RACIST, AFC!

  6. Trevor Williams, is in his cheap cubicles full of wires, blowing hot. These “force ripe” Politicians need to stop reading other people’s writings, and start speaking, and thinking for themselves like Mr. Yusuf (AFC)
    Mr. Williams, stated “The University of Guyana and other accredited Institutions are producing hundreds of professionals who are forced to alter their dreams or leave Guyana in search of a better life”. The AFC always find a way to make me laugh with their lies, and bedtime stories. What a fool! Graduating from University makes you a Professional? I thought a professional is one who is in a profession, or one who is au fait in his/her practice (doing). I thought a professional is one who produces/delivers, or who always meets/exceeds expectations, one who always does what he/she has promised. My janitor told me that a professional should always get it done right and deliver what was promised on time.
    Example: I went to consult an Attorney on a matter, and on the set time he invited me into his chamber and sat me down. After listening to me for 25 mins. he skillfully explained the legality of the matter, the advantages & disadvantages, and showed me all available options.
    The professional lawyer gave me a few recommendations, and advice. He said such a matter could take six to nine months to conclude, and the fee would be $$$ and I need to make a deposit of 25% at that point I feel empowered to make the right decision. Indeed the A.F.C is a “force ripe party”

  7. Had there been a sitting in Parliament, then the president would have been compelled to present the report by the opposition. However these are some of the things that are of a result from presenting a no confidence motion against the government. The AFC have lost that right as a political party to demand answers. If the AFC have no confidence in the PPP then their expectations from the PPP will always remain questionable.


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