Wharf to be built at Corriverton…will help secure Orealla’s economy, says Regional Chairman


A new $30M project will see the construction of a ramp, wharf and storage room at Corriverton which will help to safeguard the livelihood of farmers in the indigenous community of Orealla in East Berbice, Corentyne.

oreallaAccording to a GINA press release issued today, the wharf is among key projects which the Region Six, Regional Democratic Council (RDC) will undertake this year, with its more than $5.7B budget.

“We are building this wharf in Corriverton, because the Amerindian people have been complaining to us that they do not have anywhere to unload their produce when they bring it out from the river,” Regional Chairman David Armogan explained in a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA).

Armogan said that the intervention to assist the indigenous community includes the construction of a storeroom because, “they (the farmers of Orealla) have been complaining that when they bring the produce, (to the coast) because they do not have anywhere to store it, what invariably happens is that they have to sell it very cheaply to the people who retail.”

He added that, “they work very hard to get those things in… they ask for little…and we are doing it because we want them to make a couple extra dollars for themselves,” he said.

Two other key projects to be undertaken by the regional administration this year, are the construction of a new school at Number 36 Village and a new wing at the New Amsterdam Hospital.






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