Westford, Cummings on $4.8M bail each for additional 24 charges


Former Public Service Minister, Dr Jennifer Westford and her Personnel Officer (PO) Margaret Cummings were on Monday placed on $4.8 million bail each when they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to face 24 charges of larceny by a public servant.

westfordFledged by her seven Attorneys; Bibi Shadick, Neil Boston, Dexter Todd, Keisha Chase, Eucie Anderson, Brendon Glasford and Rexford Mc’Kay, Dr Westford, 54,  and Cummings entered Court Three where they were read the indictable charges by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

The 24 charges stated that between August 23, 2011 and April 28, 2015, at Georgetown while being employed as public servants by the Government of Guyana, they stole $639,420,000, monies that they received in virtue of their employment.

Police Prosecutor Bharrat Mangru told the Court that Westford acted in her capacity of a Minister and signed a number of memorandums for the total sum of $639,420,000 and sent them to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry who in turn approved them.

The payment vouchers were made by the Office of the President and sent to the Ministry of Finance. The Court further heard that the Ministry of Finance issued the cheques and Cummings signed for them. The cheques allegedly were made out for the purpose of financing various activities of the Ministry of Public Service across the ten administrative regions, however, an investigation carried out revealed that these activities never took place, nor were there any documents to show how the money was spent.

The Prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds of the seriousness of the offence as well as the quantum. He further made reference to the former Minister’s status in society stating that if released on bail there is a high likelihood of witness tampering. He closed his objections saying that it is also unlikely that the duo would return to Court.

Attorney Maxwell objected to the Prosecutor’s statement saying that his clients deny all of the allegations. He further stated that the Prosecutor is making his statements on hearsay, reprimanding him for instigating bias in the Court. He further stated that his clients are currently facing several charges in Court Five and have been attending all of the sessions and have been fully cooperative with the investigators.

Based on the Attorneys’ response, the Magistrate overruled the objections and granted bail. The two accused were granted bail in the sum of $200,000 on each count, a total bail cost of $9.6million.





  1. DK- Answer a simple question. When all the evidence is laid out and it is proven that theft by public servants is established, you don’t think prosecution is warranted? I am not taking neither side.

    They are many cases of corruption arising , thanks to the audits. If the PPP or coalition government is involved in theft and abuse of powers, YES placed them before the courts. The courts must make the decision and we should live with the outcome.

    DK, what would you call the findings of the government audit of GPL? Aneshwar Deonarine along with Carvil Duncan pocketed GYD$27.7million and GYD$ 984.9 million respectively. Duncan was placed before the courts and Deonarine ran after promising to pay the money back in one month. Interpol the international police is on this case.

    The PPP took power in 1993 and they had a right to audit the government agencies, and if warrantied place former officials before the courts for corruption or thief of public funds. ANY GOVERMENT OFFICIAL no matter party affiliation should be placed before the courts. It’s time for the end to lawlessness. Enough is Enough.

  2. Westford, Cummings on $4.8M bail each for additional 24 charges

    they stole $639,420,000, monies that they received in virtue of their employment.
    this is pee nuts compared to what city hall from the mayor all the way down to the bottom feeders thief.
    but the entire world people know pnc will never go after those for they are tight kit n kin


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