West Ruimveldt technician charged for assaulting man


A West Ruimveldt man on Friday appeared before Principle Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts where he was slapped with charges of assault and unlawful wounding.

Junior St Clair, of lot 458 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, denied the allegations after it was read to him by Magistrate Latchman.

The charges alleged that on September 22, 2018 at West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, he unlawfully and maliciously assaulted Andre Moonsammy. Another charge alleged that on May 25, 2018 at the aforementioned location he unlawfully wounded the said Virtual Complainant.

According to the facts presented in Court, on May 25, the defendant and Virtual Complainant were involved in a misunderstanding when the defendant became annoyed and dealt the VC a cuff to his face. Meanwhile on September 22, they were both involved in another misunderstanding when the defendant armed himself with bottles and started to throw them at the VC. The VC suffered a laceration to the hand for which he received medical care. The matter was reported and the defendant was arrested and charged for the offence.

Police Prosecutor Deneiro Jones made no objections to bail. As a result, Magistrate Latchman granted St Clair bail in total sum of $100,000 and adjourned the matters until November 2, 2018.




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