West Coast taxi driver’s vehicle stolen, stripped for parts

What remains of the vehicle

…recovered 3 days later on the East Bank of Demerara

What remains of the vehicle

A 48-year-old taxi driver is now seeking justice after his sole means of financial support- his vehicle- was hijacked on Monday and recovered stripped of its parts, earlier today.

Speaking to Inews moments ago, the taxi driver, Suruj Lallmamas also known as Dave, of lot 28 Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara said that his motor vehicle, HP5488- a silver/gray old model 212- was stolen from in front of his home in the wee hours of Monday morning.

“It happen around 01:45hrs. I hear the car, because it aint get time to warm up, so it stifle, and I hear it but when I run outside the car deh done deh ah distance,” Lallmamas said.

The man recalled that in his panicked state, he called a taxi and gave chase, however, by then, his motor car was far ahead of him. He said that upon calling the Leonora Police Station, he was told by ranks on duty to stop at the Station.

The robbers also stripped the inside of the vehicle of its electronic components and some of the seats among other things

“They tell me stop at the station first, so I follow they orders. The car get away,” the distraught man said today.

He further recalled that since his vehicle was stolen, he has been following up at the Leonora Police Station on a daily basis; however he feels like the police neglected the situation.

“I going back and forth, they just take statement and that’s it. The matter left down. Nobody aint even tried to find my car,” he noted.

Lallmamas also told Inews that he had a notice published yesterday in one of the local newspapers about his missing car.

“I go to the newspaper and publish it and today a horse cart man see it, and call me, cause I had my number on it, and he call and said that he see my vehicle in Herstelling.”

The West Coast Resident related that upon reaching in Herstelling, on the East Bank of Demerara, he found his car parked in a corner, completely stripped with its broken licence plate lying near it.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that an investigation is still ongoing into the matter. (Ramona Luthi)


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