Weeks after car stolen, gunmen storm Diamond home of businessman

The vehicle that was stolen

Almost three weeks after bandits pretending to be passengers carjacked a taxi at Garden of Eden, East Bank Demerara (EBD), three gunmen stormed the car owner’s Diamond, EBD home late Wednesday evening and escaped with a quantity of cash and valuables.

According to information received, the incident occurred at about 23:30h. The owner of the hijacked car, identified only as a businessman, reported that the three perpetrators entered his home from a back door that had been left open.

He alleged that he had closed his shop earlier in the evening and went to sleep, with his wife and grandson in the house.

However, he was reportedly awaken by one of the bandits, and observed that his seven-year-old grandson was being forced to divulge where the family’s cash and valuables were.

The bandits also reportedly threatened the young child.

This online publication was told that the businessman, who was not aware that the suspects were armed, acted hastily and grabbed a cutlass. However, he was quickly disarmed by the three men.

The perpetrators then fled the scene with a number of mobile phone cards and an undisclosed sum of cash.

Investigations are ongoing.

In mid August, the victim’s white new model Premio motorcar bearing licence plates HC 8993, which was being driven by a 30-year-old taxi driver at the time, was stolen.

INews had reported that according to the taxi driver- identified as Terry Persaud of Diamond, EBD- at about 17:00h on the day in question, he was working taxi in Diamond Scheme when he picked up two of the suspects -described as a slim male and a mixed race female- at the Diamond Tarmac. 

The duo requested to be taken to Friendship, East Bank Demerara to pick up the other suspect (described as a chubby male). 

At Friendship, the apparent couple sat in the back seat while their chubby accomplice occupied the front passenger side seat. 

Persaud recounted that as he proceeded in a southern direction in the vicinity of Garden of Eden, the slim male placed a cold object behind his neck and demanded that he stop the car. He also threatened to shoot the taxi driver. 

The man, fearing for his life, immediately complied, after which the chubby male grabbed his hand and pulled off his wedding ring, before taking away Persaud’s phone and money. 

The victim was then ordered to exit the car. 

Upon doing so, he began running in a northern direction as the suspects fled the scene in the stolen car in a southern direction. 

So far, no one has been arrested in connection with the crimes.


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