Weather Forecast: Highest rainfall expected over Regions 1 – 3


Weather[]The Hydromet Office has predicted the highest rainfall of 15.0mm over regions 1 – 3, on Tuesday October 29.

The weather is expected to be variable cloudy with light to moderate showers    over Regions 1 to 4 and 7, other Regions can expect isolated  brief showers. Thunderstorms are likely over inland areas.

Temperature (Maximum):       Coastal areas 29 to 32 Celcius, other areas between  31  to 35  Celcius..

Winds North-Easterly to Easterly at 4 to 7 metres per second, gusting to 12 metres per second over some areas.

High Tide is  at 12:54 hours with a height of 2.48 metres. Low Tide  is at 18:28 hours with a height of 1.11  metres.

Spring Tide Advisory             

Please note: High tide flood advisory becomes effective as from Thursday 31 October until Friday 08 November, 2013.



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