‘We will fight to defend the legacy of the APNU/AFC Gov’t’ – Trotman


The leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) and Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, today (Friday), during his 2018 Budget presentation said his party is satisfied with the leadership of the APNU/AFC Coalition and will fight to defend its legacy at anytime.

Government MP, Raphael Trotman

“The coalition is not without its challenges…the coalition is strong and the government of this country is strong. The Alliance for Change is comfortable and happy with the leadership of David Arthur Granger and we will fight to defend the legacy of the APNU and AFC Government despite all the attacks that are levelled against this government,” Minister Trotman was quoted by DPI as saying during the fifth and final  day of debates on the 2018 Budget.

According to DPI, the Minister noted that while the year has been challenging and testing for the Administration, they have made tremendous strides. “We can say proudly that we have been embattled but we have not withered. We are fighting a good fight. We will finish this race and at the end, we will have kept the faith,” he said.

Minister Trotman said Budget 2018 was deliberately designed “to allow us to rise to the challenges that have been encountered and to foster the conditions for the creation of opportunities for the renewal and expansion of the economy in order to secure the ‘good life’ that lies ahead in the future,” DPI reported.


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