We will do a lot more for pensioners, elderly – Pres Ali tells veterans

President Dr Irfaan Ali addressing veterans on Friday

President Dr Irfaan Ali said it is important that we reflect on, celebrate, and honour all those who have given great service to our country.

The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces was at the time speaking at the 13th annual Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Veteran’s Monument on the front lawn of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Base Camp Ayanganna.

He said that veterans were able to excel because of their consistency and resoluteness. This drive, he stated, is inspirational and is needed to build Guyana.
“For you to be inspirational to the next generation, you must be consistent in upholding the rule of law, consistent in upholding democracy, consistent in upholding the principles that make us good human beings…”
The President said that the only way to truly uplift the lives of all Guyanese is to “unite and work together”.
“Unity is not based on events, unity is based on establishing ourselves, and grounding ourselves in certain principles and values that uplift us in totality as human beings.”
The upliftment, he noted, is also for our men and women in uniform. He reminded of the programmes and policies implemented, particularly in housing and education.
“We have embarked on a programme that is allowing men and women in uniform today to own their own homes. I took a personal interest in ensuring that there is a special window to allow them to own their own homes, both and the Ministry of Housing and through the banking system….I took a personal interest to ensure that their educational upliftment is being guaranteed. Never before did we ever have so many men and women in uniform doing a degree, a diploma or postgraduate training or a specialised training in the history of the joint services—never before.”
He also said that the Government intends to “do a lot more” for the country’s pensioners and elderly.
“My vision is to bring this country together, for all the people of this country. I do not speak opportunistically or selfishly. I speak selflessly, that is why my message can be consistent and firm in any arena.”

President Ali laid the first wreath at the War Memorial, followed by the Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Godfrey Bess, and the President of the Guyana Veterans Legion, Retired Lt. Colonel George Gomes.