‘We need justice’ – father claims man who stabbed sons boasting he cannot be arrested

Father of the injured men: Ramanand Dulam

Ramanand Dulam is demanding justice for his two sons, who he claims were stabbed during an altercation at Clifton Settlement, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), on September 25.

The injured men, 29-year-old Danraj and 28-year-old Ramraj of Lot 240 and 241 Clifton Settlement, Corentyne, were hospitalised after the attack, with the older brother’s condition deemed as serious due to the injuries he sustained to his abdomen.

In a telephone interview with INews, the father to the men alleged that the suspect is walking free and boasting that he cannot be arrested since “he has money”.

According to Ramanand, both of his sons left his home at about 21:30h on the night of the incident to accompany their friend home. However, when the men arrived at their friend’s house, their friend’s neighbours “were drinking and partying”.

The man said shortly after, Police who were on patrol in the vicinity came and stopped the celebration.

After the lawmen left, the father of the victims said, the neighbours, one of whom is a cattle farmer, jumped the fence and began beating and stabbing the two men about their bodies.

“They believe that them boy call the police, so they decided to jump over, and they go in and start to beat up them boy…” the man said.

Ramraj’s injuries

The man said following the stabbing, his older son, Danraj, was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital, but because of his condition, he was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hosptial where he was battling for his life.

Ramanand said after the stabbing, a report was made at the police station. He explained that when he arrived at the police station, the suspect was showing the officer in charge a video.

According to the victims’ father, the police were paying him a deaf ear, even though his sons were the victims.

“The man who stab my son said he has money and nobody can do he nothing. Up to now, there is no one to charge nothing,” he said.

The senior Danraj, however, explained that his son is now out of the hospital and is unable to “move around” due to the injuries he received. He said that after a delay in the investigation, they were recently contacted by Police, who went to their house to take a statement, and later told them that the file will be sent to the DPP for advice.

The man said until then, he is waiting to see justice prevail for his sons.