We must persevere to realize the Independence goals of our ancestors -PPP


As the nation celebrates its 51st Independence anniversary, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is calling on Guyanese to reflect on the vision of our ancestors who laboured for our independence.

Below is a full statement from the Opposition Party:

The independence anniversary of any nation is a time for both celebrations and reflections. As we celebrate this 51st Independence Anniversary, we must celebrate and salute the sacrifices and struggles of our leaders and fore-bearers, who toiled indomitably to win, firstly, internal self-government and ultimately, political independence, from our colonial masters after centuries of brutal slavery, servitude and exploitation by foreign forces.

The PPP is proud of the leading role it played in this struggle.

It is also a time for us to reflect upon the type of society and country that those who fought so relentlessly to liberate us from colonial rule, wanted to build and fashion for our future generations; and, to engage in a national introspection in order to examine, whether as a people and nation, we have achieved those objective and realized those dreams.

It is only by engaging in such self-examination, can we be able to measure our progress, recognize our strengths, identify our weaknesses and appreciate our challenges – all of which are so necessary for our future advancement as a people.

The PPP has done this self-examination and wishes to acknowledge that although we have implemented transformative changes in Guyana during our tenure in office we have to persevere even more, to bring greater ethnic, religious and class unity among our people; we have to toil even harder, to bring greater economic and social prosperity to this land and we have to dedicate even more energies, to improve our system of government, strengthen our democratic institutions and enhance the rights and freedoms of our people, if we are to realize the aspirations and goals of our independence architects.

The PPP takes this opportunity once again to recommit ourselves to those independence ideals and pledge to continue to work selflessly with our people as they traverse along that path to achieve them.




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