‘We have lost confidence in GECOM’ – PPP stages another picketing exercise


Members and supporters of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), today continued their protest action in front of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) calling for the electoral body to undertake the necessary reforms and for the head of the organisation, Dr Steve Surujbally, to be removed.

With placards calling for the Chairman’s dismissal, PPP/C members and supporters walked in circles in front of GECOM’s Kingston head office, chanting “Surujbally must go!”

Speaking on behalf of the party, General Secretary, Clement Rohee, indicated that the protest is intended to bring about change, commencing with the removal of the Chairman of GECOM.

“We are here to achieve something strategic. That is election reforms, for new changes to take place in terms of GECOM chairman, the GECOM machinery and the whole question of free and fair elections,” Rohee said.

The General Secretary highlighted that the reason these requests for changes are being made is because the party has lost confidence in GECOM and its ability to manage future elections here.

Rohee added that the implementation of modernised “house to house” registrations, E-registrations, E-voting and E-tabulation towards tallying of election results, are some of the changes that the party wants to see implemented.

He posited that if the changes are not made, there are other steps to be taken, besides the regular picketing exercises, adding that the party has all intentions of continuing to rally and lobby for the necessary changes it is demanding.

Dr Surujbally had always maintained that with respect to the management and conduct of the General and Regional and more recently the Local Government elections, he has always acted within the confines of what the law requires. He had also said that he will not be pressured by any political group or organisation to resign as Chairman of the electoral body.



PPP/C members and supporters protesting in front of GECOM’ Head-office  today

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