“We don’t need an election Campaign” – AFC



By Fareeza Haniff

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan (center), Moses Nagamootoo (right), along with another AFC Member.  [iNews' Photo]
AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan (center), Moses Nagamootoo (right), along with another AFC Member. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Alliance For Change (AFC) believes that it does not need an election campaign to win an election in Guyana.

However, the Party’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan says that there are sufficient funds available to the Party to “run a good campaign to win a majority.”

However, AFC Executive Member, Cathy Hughes says that “not a penny needs to be spent.”

“We can have elections at midnight tonight; we don’t need an election campaign. The people of Guyana have lived and have experienced everything since the last election to now. Not a penny needs to be spent.”

She believes that the people of Guyana are intelligent enough to know what they experienced and to vote wisely.

Recently, the main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – accused the ruling People’s Progressive Party of squandering state funds in its election campaign.




  1. dont forget its people like cathy hughes used to win election and none of them used to go vote but they used to win. she know what she talking bout..ramjawho and nagawho have no say in afc..not one of the east indians in afc have no say now..nigel and he wife and trotman are the biggies in afc these days..all they want from the east indians who are in the afc is their money money money…ramjawho and nagawho will soon find out

  2. Is chaty representing or speaking on behalf of the afc? Way to go chaty- Altime Funny Crap. All gr8 things began with dreams….

  3. de peg big man de kn big man de sn big man all gat nuf nuf money plus nigel gat all dem drug mule money loads of it so afc needs no more from no one else

  4. ‘yes you can’
    Cathy Hughes is not President Obama.
    Your crap belongs to dreamers.
    These people are in Granger’s back pocket.
    The PNC/APNU will chew them up and spit them out just like what PNC did in 1968 rigged election to the United Force.

  5. Ms Hughes: Are you a dreamer?
    Don’t the people need to know what you will do?
    Don’t they want to know how you will go about making these changes?
    The problem is you people do not know what to do.
    You cannot Bull your way.
    The fooled people will know that you were bluffing.
    Good Lord, first time in my life I am hearing that a national party do not want to campaign.
    Only lazy people will buy or do this nonsense.

  6. not a penny to be spent ,no election campaign, the people of Guyana are intelligent enough….. this is a first for Guyana,a first for the world. the truth is, the funds have dried up ,as one of the leaders admitted recently.

  7. Big mistake, yes you do. You guys surprise me with your ego, go out and remind the people what is at stake. Have a campaign, run a strong one and go all over the country with your message.

  8. your pnc people at city hall really performing for all guyanese all across guyana as de real mcoy . this is how all of guyana used to be run and must be run in the future.long live pnc hammie green next real president of guyana and all guyanese local and foreign. can hammie do it yes he can

  9. kat hughes believes that the people of Guyana are intelligent enough to know what they experienced and to vote wisely.
    you bet the people know what they experienced and for sure will vote wisely..
    the east indian people experienced a severe beating robbing and sexual molestation when nigel hughes, hubby of kat hughes ordered the military style lock down of agricola public road.
    they will vote for afc in droves so that afc will not do that to them again.
    the most troubling aspect of what took place on agricola public road is that to this day nigel hughes was never brought to trial and his two east indian sidekicks ramjattan and nagamoottoo remained silent
    yes the east indian people will vote afc so afc dont beat them dont rob them dont sexually molest them again

  10. Don’t go getting cocky now, you guys. Yes, the PPP’s performance alone is enough campaign material, but you also have to distinguish yourselves, in terms of vision and viability before you can even pronounce on victory.
    Start selling your top five talking points on the economy, government corruption, street crimes, education, and governance. Urge voters to hold you to your promises and that if you do not deliver over 80% they can kick you out. Package and sell yourselves as a viable alternative despite having only seven parliamentary seats. Can you do it? Yes, you can!


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