‘We did not call him a racist’ – US Ambassador backpedals on Wikileaks cable


By Jomo Paul

President David Granger and US Ambassador Perry Holloway
President David Granger and US Ambassador Perry Holloway

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The United States of America says that the recently released WikiLeaks cable with details concerning the ideologies of President David Granger does not brand the President a racist.

This comes after a US diplomatic cable of June 27, 1974, says that Granger had a history of being an “anti-East Indian racist”. At this time, President Granger was serving as a major in the Guyana Defence Force.

US Ambassador Perry Holloway when questioned by iNews on Monday, November 16 stated that “the one comment which was referring to his reputation, we did not call him that – we referred to his reputation if you read very carefully.”

According to Holloway, the cable does not reflect his own personal view of the Guyanese President having met him a few times since arriving in Guyana on September 24, 2015.

“It does not reflect my own personal observation in interactions with the President nor does it reflect what he has been saying in public and doing in public as part of the coalition government,” he stated.

This comes hours after the Granger led-People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) would have spurned the cable.

“The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) dismisses the malicious publication of a United States (US) diplomatic cable dated June 27, 1974, which labels the Leader of our Party and President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, His Excellency Brigadier David A. Granger a racist,” a release stated.

The Party says that viewed in the context of the Cold War, the cable’s accusation with no supporting foundational evidence has no place in mainstream media.

It was noted that President Granger is on record, that in a plural society like Guyana’s, there is a clear choice between the uplifting benefits of cooperation and the downside of destructive political competition.


  1. A reflection of the criminal past,many people in the out world think all Guyanese are Indian, that’s the evidence of the People Protecting perpetrators, on one hand you could count the other United Nations in the ppp,Sam,crimelaumba,and the lunch man, the rest of slick backs were all in top post,lets vote for a San Hinds as leader of the PPP and see if even the FreeDOMB house would exist

  2. DK for years Guyanese thought they were living in the squalor, filth and corruption of some nasty Indian village full of chamars thinking they were of the same class and breeding of high class chatrees…. You all even had the temerity to superimpose the outline of India on to Guyana…… Now we can all breath easily again in the realisation we are Guyanese within the Caribbean on the South American continent…. And don’t you ever forget it!!!

  3. We all bring some baggage with us and 1974 was a long time ago. Who can say for certain that there is not a shred of truth in the assertion? Which one of us is perfect? Having said that I would be more curious about his association with Elvin Mc David and interested in whether his career path into the military high command can be viewed as a normal one.

  4. Granger has a history of being an “anti-East Indian racist”. we did not call him that

    “nor does it reflect what he has been saying in public and doing in public as part of the coalition government”

    History is repeating and Guyana is becoming a Racist country. Granger or his administration is not saying this in public……they are not saying it when East Indians are not around!!! And in less than 6 months in office East Indians are completely sidelined,discriminated fired and humiliated.

  5. some need to ask this ambassador if this was there view of cheddie that he was anti black if that will be consider racist

  6. ‘We did not call him a racist’ – US Ambassador backpedals on Wikileaks cable
    Hallo-Way u blind ? Go take a look around in government run institute and security and you will feel you in Africa.

  7. Yea right !!!! just like Saddam Hussein had WMD !!!! So this individual is a racist within a cold war contact ? Basically a contextual racist ? Holy smokes !!!!


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