‘We did everything together’ – children in shock over tragic death of father

David Benimadhoo

By LaWanda McAllister 

The children of David Benimadhoo, 44, are in shock over his tragic death which occurred on Monday when the car he was driving fell into an outfall at Abary, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice).

Sabrina Benimadhoo explained to this publication that her father had gone to the sluice to purchase fish to resell.

Sabrina said later in the day, she received a telephone call informing her that her father’s car had slipped overboard, and the family had to get a tractor to retrieve it. She said that the family was not told that her father was trapped in the car.

“A boy pass and tell me that me father car slide in the sluice and if I can get a tractor to pull it out…

“I sent my small brother to check and see if it’s true, and then meh brother call me and tell me seh somebody tell he that he (father) try to turn around back, and after rain fall and the place muddy, the car skate,” she related.

The man’s daughter said they rushed to the scene, and upon their arrival, they were told that Benimadhoo was in the car, and the car was nowhere to be found.

A search was conducted all through the afternoon, but on account of the hide tide, the search team was unable to find the man and the car.

“The koker was opened and we had to wait to let out the water. About 10 o’clock the koker close, and some guys was searching, but after the water was so big, they couldn’t find him. This morning [Tuesday], like 2 o’clock some of the guys go back and they continued to do a search, and up to 7 o’clock they were still searching. Around 9 to 9:30, they found the car…,” Sabrina said.

And Benimadhoo was discovered in the backseat. His daughter said even though they had found her father, and his car, they had difficulty getting him out.

“They had to take like a wedge thing and put in on a boat, and they tried to pull him up. When the car came out, the Police came and they took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead,” she explained.

Sabrina said her father’s death came as a shock. She said this was a big loss for her and her siblings, since they were yet to get over their mother’s death, which occurred about a year ago.

“We and our father did everything together, we would go with him when he goes for fish except for Wednesday. Only a year and something, our mother passed away. Whenever he goes out, whatever time he come back, we would sit and wait up for him. We talk about what fish we get and all that… Now our grandmother will have to come and live with us,” the grieving daughter said.

Benimadhoo leaves to mourn his three children ages 21, 19, and 13.