WBD teen missing since Monday; parents asking for public’s help in locating her

Akeila Grimshaw
MISSING: Akeila Grimshaw

The parents of a West Demerara Secondary School student, who has been missing since Monday afternoon, are now asking for the public’s help to locate their daughter.

According to reports reaching INews, 14-year-old Akeila Grimshaw of Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD), was last seen at around 15:30hrs by her mother Marissa Grimshaw in the vicinity of Vreed-en-hoop Junction.

According to the woman, the teen had just left school and as such she journeyed to the Vreed-en-hoop Junction to pick her up.

The woman relayed that the missing teen called her on her cellphone and told her that she was going to cross the road at the junction to purchase something to drink.

Grimshaw told INews that while talking to the teen, she did indeed pass her at the junction as she was in search of a parking space.

However, after parking, the woman exited her vehicle and walked back to the spot where she last saw her daughter but to her dismay, the young woman was nowhere to be found.

Calls made to the teen’s cell phone went unanswered and her mother noted that the said cellphone has been turned off ever since.

“When I called the phone, it rang two times and then cut off. Yesterday my husband who is a Police tried to track the phone but the phone is on and off,” the woman revealed.

According to the woman, the situation is shocking and frightening to her since her daughter never left home for such a long prior to this occasion.

“This never happened before so it shock me. I can’t tell why but I don’t want to think the worst but I’m holding in there. We just came back from holiday in Suriname and we buy some new school things so she was like in a good mood, so I don’t know if anything was bothering her or what happened at all,” the devastated mother stated.

Questions posed to schoolmates of the teen also saw the parents coming up empty handed since they were told that the teen was normal for the entire school day.

“Akeila is always happy but I don’t know if she had anything in mind that she didn’t talk to me about,” Grimshaw speculated.

The teen’s father, a Police Inspector is presently vigorously searching for her in surrounding areas.

The family is calling on anyone with information that could help them locate the teen to contact them on 592-610-9722, 592-625-8088 or to make contact with the nearest Police Station.