WBD man arrested after breaking another’s leg 

Police are investigating an alleged incident of Inflicting Grievous Bodily Harm committed on 23-year-old Devon Ally, a construction worker of Parfaite Harmonie, W.B.D.
The incident occured sometime around 21:30h at Policeman Corner, Parfaite Harmonie on Friday.
According to police reports, Ally and the in to, a 23-year-old mason of Westminister, Parafaite Harmonie, had a misunderstanding a few years ago.
However, on the night in question at about 21:00h, Ally was proceeding in the vicinity of Policeman Corner on his bicycle when he saw the suspect on the said roadway walking.
The victim approached the suspect in attempt to fight. The suspect then picked up a piece of wood causing Ally to kick him. The suspect in retaliation dealt the victim a blow to his right leg and ran away.
Ally was later picked up by a passerby and taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where he was seen by a doctor and diagnosed with a broken tibia bone (Shin bone). However, his condition is listed as stable.
Meanwhile, the suspect was subsequently apprehended and placed into custody as investigations are ongoing.