Water Conservancy reaches threatening levels


Conservancy[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Agriculture says that recent heavy rainfall has resulted in the level of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) rising to a “threatening level” which may require the release of water to additional outlets.

According to a press statement from the Ministry, at present, the levels are 58.25 GD at Flagstaff, 57.70 GD at Lama and 54.85 GD at Land of Canaan which is above the full supply level of 57.50 GD. The height of the Conservancy Dam is 59 GD.

“As a last resort, the commission of the EDWC will take a decision to have controlled release of water through the Mahaica Creek, via the Lama and Maduni outlet, so as to ensure the integrity of the EDWC Dams. However, excess water continues to be evacuated from the EDWC into the Demerara River via Five doors Sluice at Land of Canaan and outlets at Kofi and Cunha Sluices. Releases from these outlets remain the first choice,” the release stated.

The Ministry says that thus far there have been no breaches and over-topping of the Dams.

“The NDIA is currently putting measures in place to commence operational testing of the EDWC Northern Relief Channel at Hope Dochfour by conducting initial control releases through the channel. This will commence at 6am tomorrow. This will serve as one option to discharge water which will aid in bringing the EDWC water level down and creating safer free board levels.”

The NDIA will continue to monitor the situation closely to ensure that the integrity of the EDWC Dams is kept intact and to ensure the livelihood of farmers in the Mahaica Mahaicony areas.




  1. HI Rohit——I do concur with your comment some people speak because they have a tongue that’s what Bobby did I guess he did that cause he sees others doing it and that not the reason why he should embarrass himself

  2. Bobby—–how could you in your right senses praise jagdeo he is the biggest crook Guyana has seen inference the Berwick bridge, Marriott hotel, atc, atc since he and ramrod has been in office what had they done for the Indian people much more Guyana at large do wake up and don’t make derogative statements that you can’t backup

  3. The hope canal has to be made to look good now in the period of intense rainifall. Guyana has not had significantly more rainfall than previous years. Bharat and cohorts should have maintained and activate the existing structures and where required expand the exsiting structures not to neglect them and let Hope Look like the best thing that happened to Guyana.
    Malcom Ali wrote extensively on these issues.Bobby you may need to do some research before you rant and rave.

  4. Water,Water, Too Much Water In Guyana:

    In some countries in Africa they have not had rain in years. Especially Ethiopia. But in Guyana, we have too much of it currently, and just don’t know where to put the excess.

    Well, I suggest you find some place to save it all. Because this bounty will not be with us forever.

  5. Didn’t the PNC , GHRA , Harmon and many others say the Hope Canal was a waste of money and ill- conceived? Thank God for Dr, Bharrat Jagdeo.

  6. Can these area be dredged to accommodate heavy rainfall or create another Conservancy that can tie into these areas for relief which will alleviate the threat of flooding. This can be another area for expert engineers, etc to meet and discuss for immediate action and request the help of all these foreign contractors who are extracting our natural resources, gold, bauxite,now oil with their heavy duty equipment. Their equipment can be used to dredge and create a new water conservancy, if needed.


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