Was Granger fooled? – Granger/Ramotar talks off the table

Opposition Leader, David Granger and President Donald Ramotar.


By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Leader David Granger during his recent protest for Local Government Elections.
Opposition Leader David Granger during his recent protest for Local Government Elections.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –A once optimistic Opposition Leader became uninviting when asked this morning about future meetings between himself and President Donald Ramotar on the issue of Local Government Elections (LGE).

David Granger told reporters at the APNU’s weekly press conference that he has no interest in any future meetings with the President on the issue; saying to do so will be “pointless.”

Granger’s disinterest comes following disclosures by the Head of State recently that he will not set a date for LGE now; explaining that to do so would be “foolish” of him and he would be rightly ridiculed.

This followed a meeting with Granger at the request of the President which Granger had reported with optimism that Ramotar was more prepared to name a date for LGE.

When asked if he feels he was fooled into the meeting, Granger said “no I wouldn’t say I was duped… I was fulfilling my constitutional obligation as Leader of the Opposition.”

Granger had called on the President to name a date for LGE by September 15 which the President has not done. Since then, there has been weekly protest outside the Office of the President which continued even after Granger had met with Ramotar.

On Tuesday, a day before the President dashed his hopes; Granger had told iNews that his weekly protests in front the Office of the President is bearing fruit as he expressed his optimism that Ramotar will set a date for LGE in the first quarter of 2015.

When asked if the APNU will now focus more on the Alliance for Change sponsored no confidence motion, which once successful could trigger National Elections, Granger said the APNU has never ceased focus on the no confidence motion.

“We will continue to protest the non-holding of local government elections and we will also give support to the AFC’s motion whenever it comes up in Parliament,” Granger said.

He explained, “I haven’t closed the door, the President closed the door. He is doing all the talking… If he wants to move ahead he has to name a date.”

Granger told the conference that the President is not being begged to do Guyanese a favour but it is a constitutional requirement.

He said his Party will continue to apply pressure on the Executive but will do so within the confines of the law.



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  3. I want to ask a question. What does a few people protesting in front of a government place achieve? Why do Guyanese waste their time in this foolishness. The constitution is the source of all the political problems, not Donald.


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