Wanted larcenist found dead with multiple chop wounds


36-year-old Clinton Walks, who according to the police was jailed for 18 months in 2015 after being found guilty of break and enter and larceny and who was wanted in relation to similar crimes being committed in the village, was found lying in a pool of his own blood with several gashes about the body.

The house in which the Walks lived

According to a Police report, the body of Walks, of Lot 3 Bus Shed Street, Uitvlugt, was discovered around 07:00hrs on Sunday with chop wounds to his back, left ear and abdomen.

The dead man’s sister, Junella Hall, who lives in the same yard as Walks related to the media that her brother once worked as a cane harvester at the Uitvlugt Estate, but then he discovered drugs and quickly became an addict; that was when his life fell apart. She said she tried to talk to him several times to change his ways, but he would never listen.

“He does live alone and when he smoke up, he was a different person; he used to cuss up and get on (bad) and we does talk to him and try to get he to change, but he doesn’t listen to anybody. The drugs get he so bad that he left his work at the estate and start doing all kinds of work for people in the village,” she said.

Junella Hall related that her brother was in constant trouble with the law, since he would sometimes steal to feed his addiction. However, she believes he may have been murdered, because he witnessed a crime and gave evidence to the Police.

“There was a break-in by a house in the other street, and he see and he tell the Police what he see, so they call he in court as an eyewitness and the matter is still in court, that is the only reason I think somebody might want to kill he,” she opined.

Walks’ body is being stored at the Ezekiel Funeral Home in Best Village awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Investigations by the police are ongoing.


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