Wanted bulletin issued for “Wallie” in relation to ‘Pink Shop’ murder


Law enforcement officials have issued a wanted bulletin for 25-year-old Walter Williams, also called “Wallie”, of Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), for questioning in relation to the murder of Dewaun Baksh, who was fatally stabbed to death on New Year’s Day at Greenwich Park.

Wanted: Walter Williams, also called “Wallie”
Wanted: Walter Williams, also called “Wallie”

The Police stated that the last known address of the wanted man was Lot 58 Zeelugt, West Coast Demerara. They are calling on the public to assist them in locating the wanted man.

It was reported that on January 1, Baksh was stabbed to death during a brawl at a popular bar called “Pink Shop” at Greenwich Park.

Baksh, 22, of Lot 55 Tuschen, EBE, was reportedly with his younger brother, Rafeek, and two friends at the time of the stabbing incident.

The group of men had gone to a party in the village after which they went to the shop where the now dead man’s brother saw Williams. Rafeek and Williams reportedly had an old grievance, thus an argument ensued between them resulting in the now dead man’s intervention.

It was during this time, another man started to assault him but in an attempt to make peace, Baksh’s brother walked away and thought that his twin had followed suit. He was instead attacked and stabbed by Williams and his friends.

Another man reportedly went to rescue the young man who was being repeatedly stabbed, but he was also injured.

Murder victim, Dewaun Baksh
Murder victim, Dewaun Baksh

Both of the injured men were rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where Baksh succumbed to his injuries. The Police had arrested two persons in connection with the murder.

Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Williams is asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers 268-2343, 268-2298, 268-2222, 226-9941, 225-6411, and 911 or at the nearest Police Station.






  1. My friend, this kind of behavior is only going to get worse.Just look at the rumors circulated about to CID official in drug runnings,look at who was appointed to top government positions, as I said many times Crime I never support, Who knows I might turn him in and he might be the next CRIME CHIEF,,don’t expect better in a long time,

  2. Wanted bulletin issued for “Wallie” in relation to ‘Pink Shop’ murder
    Madmaxxx..why do you not turn in your brothers and demand that they stop their favorite past time activity…which is robbing, beating and killing persons mainly from one ethnic group!


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