Wanted bulletin issued for suspects in ‘Yellow’s’ murder


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Friday issued a wanted bulletin for Chiowa Gray, 32, formerly of Lot 155 Lodge Housing Scheme and Kenrick Bourne of Lot 43 Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden whom are wanted by the police for questioning in relation to Murder committed on Sherwin Apple on September 25, 2018, at Kitty Seawall, Georgetown.

A post-mortem examination (PME) conducted on the body of the 41-year-old man, whose body was found at the Kitty Seawall one day after leaked videos went viral of him and another man allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl, has revealed that he was murdered and did not commit suicide.

Apple, also known as “Yellow”, was found lying face down in the mud in the vicinity of Selena Resort back in September. It was suspected that the clothes vendor, formerly of William Street, Kitty; and Silver Town, Wismar, Linden, had ingested carbon tablets after the videos went viral.

However, an autopsy conducted by State Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh on Apple gave the cause of death as asphyxiation (strangulation) with compression injuries to the neck.

The PME findings have confirmed the worst fears of Apple’s family, who have since revealed that no trace of poison was found in Apple’s system.

Sherwin Apple also called “Yellow”

In an initial report, family members noted that they were doubtful that he would commit suicide and are furthermore of the belief that the circulation of the video and its backlash led to his demise.

Apple’s sister, Shonette, said she had spoken with her brother in relation to the viral video, noting that he did not feel good about it and had cried as he was saddened over the situation. She said it was the last time she heard from him.

She explained that her brother had also told a friend and his uncle that he was receiving threats over the video.

Shonette further stated that one of Apple’s friends recalled seeing him sometime after 21:30h on the morning of the incident, shortly after he left his home after receiving repeated calls on his cellphone.

Apple’s sister continued that while she does not condone what happened in the video, her brother did not deserve to be killed, but rather should have been handled by the law.

The woman added that one of the persons who put the video on social media had a “personal problem” with her brother. She is confident that whoever killed him caught him from behind in an unexpected move, as she noted that he was a fighter.

Meanwhile, Apple’s mother, Valda Daniels, said that she did not get to speak with her son in relation to the video, but said she spoke with him that morning and he was in good spirits.

Following the discovery of the body, Daniels said the family travelled to Georgetown to identify the body and were shocked at what they saw. She added that there appeared to be marks on her son’s neck and head.

Daniels described Apple as very loving and called for a full investigation into his death. Daniels said she is against the sharing of such videos, noting that her son’s death can be seen as a result of these actions.

“Whoever shared that video, I think the Police should hold that person… they bombard my son,” she said.

Apple, a clothes vendor formerly of Silvertown, Wismar, Linden is survived by three children.

Police on Friday said anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of this suspect is kindly asked to contact the nearest Police station on the following numbers: 333-3876, 333-2485, 333-5564, 333-2151-3, 225-3650, 226-1929, or 911.

All information will be treated with strict confidence, the Police have said.



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