… for fraud

Well, look what we have here: the CEO of GECOM – responsible for the sanctity of the votes that’ll install a government for the next five years at one of the most critical junctures of our history – has a warrant out for him by the courts on three charges of fraud. Life sentence in the offing!!

Now, charges aren’t the same as conviction, we all know by now; but this is a whole different kettle of fish, ain’t it?? From the moment Mingo did his three-card-monte over at Ashmins – “the more you look the less you see!” – folks were wondering where Lowenfield was all this time. Your Eyewitness remembers that, after the first set of delays involving a couple of Lowenfield and Mingo’s staff being overcome with exhaustion, the tabulation of the SOPs had ground to a halt. The CEO then appeared on the scene, and gave all assurances that upon resumption the next morning, all the Standard Operating Procedures would be followed and the tabulation would be completed forthwith. So far, so good.

But, the next morning, after Mingo himself suddenly became “indisposed” and had to be ambulanced to GPHC, Lowenfield disappeared from the scene, and flash drives and laptops were miraculously apparationed to produce numbers that had the joint jumping in disbelief and disgust. He reappeared only to witness Mingo appearing from a balcony to announce his “results” to a tumultuous crowd below. It certainly wasn’t that balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, even though the contending parties were doing a good imitation of the Montagues and Capulets!!

Anyhow, even after the Court had intervened and Mingo was told in no uncertain terms to get his act together, Lowenfield didn’t just go along with the farce that involved Mingo and a stained bedsheet over at GECOM HQ; he actually used the numbers supplied by Mingo to prepare his constitutionally-mandated report for GECOM. “So what?” you ask, dear reader?

Well, Lowenfield had been in possession of SOPs from all 2339 polling stations; that’s what!! Why in God’s name would the law demand that a copy of each SOP be sent to him directly on behalf of GECOM?? He could’ve easily added up those SOPs to get a fair idea of what Mingo’s numbers should’ve been; that’s what! And the fact that he didn’t, but blithely proffered the inflated numbers as the official figures, is absolute proof that, either in collusion with Mingo or with other unknown parties, he conspired to deliver to the Guyanese people a false and fraudulent Report.

Some insist that the Chair should’ve canned him by now. Really?? And have Myers in his place??

The courts should deal with him condignly.

…but on the run

It’s a crying shame — that’s what it is — for Granger to have his followers, including ex-officers of the GDF, like Lowenfield — literally take a fall for him. We know that Generals usually stay way back from the front lines during battles, but does there not come a time when they must stand up and be counted?? Your Eyewitness lays all this mess in which Guyana is embroiled at the feet of David Granger.

But, like most armchair generals – which literally he is, having never been in action on any battlefield – Granger remains oblivious to the human devastation his hunger for power is creating in the wake of his elections’ rigging. Lowenfield, for one, had to literally duck from Marshalls who are trying to serve him with writs of summonses. How infra dig! He knew these weren’t Marshalls from the Court of Appeal when he accepted service with alacrity. Those were “friendly” Marshalls initiating a process that would give him time for more mischief.

So what does he do now that the Police are looking to serve him?? Hide behind his mask??

…more Mia Mottleys

Mia Mottley has left an indelible mark during her tenure as Caricom Chair, which just ended. The PNC has insulted her by claiming she’s sucking up to the US.

Like when she accused Pompeo of trying to “divide Caricom”??