Wakenaam flooding: Koker door replaced by CDC, Region 3 administration

The Koker door being fixed

A swift response on Wednesday, from the Regional Administration of Region Three, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) prevented a potential disaster when an early morning tide destroyed the koker door at Maria’s Pleasure, Wakenaam.

The surge of muddy water affected approximately 75 residents from about 45 homes.

The situation was quickly remedied and Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikaran along with a team from the CDC distributed hampers containing cleaning agents to all the affected residents.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) REO Jaikaran noted that the situation was very unfortunate and congratulated the Region Three Disaster Risk Management Team and CDC’s Director Colonel Kester Craig for a quick response, thereby mitigating the possibility of an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

“We received the news at around 09:00hrs and immediately activated our disaster risk management team which responded quickly. All the affected homes are recipients of cleaning agents and the area was visited by a medical team to advise on how to deal with the situation. Our response was timely and indeed effective,” said REO Jaikaran.

REO Denis Jaikaran presents a family a hamper of cleaning agents.

A smiling Rajwanttie Singh thanked the government for responding to their plight in a timely manner. “Thank you for such a quick response, I am so happy. The water raise quick and lucky was daytime so we get to take care of all we property but the yard just dirty and this gift will go a far way so I am very thankful,” said Singh.

Another resident Girlin Budram showed the team the height of water that rapidly came into her yard flooding her bottom house in mere minutes. She said, “It happened really fast and I wanted to know what really happened but luckily nothing got damaged.”

According to the DPI, the koker door has been completely replaced and the village is back to normalcy.

The Koker was last repaired in April of 2018.



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