Vryheid’s Lust waitress shot during robbery attack


About 2245h. last night, Friday May 27, 2016, police say waitress Onica Luke, 16 years, of Vryheid’s Lust, ECD, was working at the Lucky Star Chinese Restaurant at Better Hope, ECD, when a man entered and ordered a meal.

crimeAccording to a police statement, while paying for the meal, the man held on to the hands of Onica Luke, who was behind some grill work, pulled out a firearm and demanded cash. Onica Luke resisted and was shot to her chin by the man who escaped.

She has been admitted to hospital as the investigations continue.




  1. I have the best advice for you, stop hiding behind the MOUSE and join the armed forces, stop depending on the COWBOYS for security,hire your APACHE brothers and sisters. Come out of the cage monkey and give your strength and services to the development of the country you failed to love for 23 yrs,you will all contnue to cry because you are failures to your own people,

  2. whats the excuse the morons have for us now –a young woman shot –what a shame where is the out cry now-?


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