Virtual symposium on Indo-Guyana relations tonight


The University of Guyana and Indian High Commission will be discussing  Indo- Guyana Relations in Virtual Symposium this evening ahead of Indian Arrival Day May 5.

The virtual symposium on “Perspectives on Guyana-India Relations from 1838 to 2021” will begin at 18:30hrs.

The symposium is open to members of the public free of cost. Remarks will be delivered by  Dr. K.J Srinivasa. High Commissioner of India to Guyana and Professor Paloma Mohamed Martin, Vice-Chancellor, Xi, University of Guyana.

The symposium will consist of two-panels; the first panel will focus on “Historical and Economic Relations between Guyana and India and comprises of Honourable Dr Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr Gobind Ganga, Governor, Bank of Guyana, Mr Alim Hosein, Lecturer, University of Guyana, Mr Tota Mangar, noted Historian and Mr Ravi Dev, Media Consultant.

The second panel will engage in discussions on “Reflections on Experiences of Guyanese in India” and comprises of Mr Vikash Ramkissoon, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Mr R.K. Sharma, CEO, NICIL, Dr Dheeraj Bansal, Dean, Texila American University, Dr Taijrani Rampersaud, Lecturer, University of Guyana and Mr Jainarine Deonauth, Director, Department of Events, Conferences and Communications, University of Guyana. At the end of the presentations for each of the panel, there will be a question and answer segment in which the viewing audience from around the world will be able to field questions to the panellists.

Additionally, there will be a cultural presentation by Mr. Amjad Mohamed, Music Teacher, Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre.

The Programme is scheduled to last for two hours and will be chaired by Ms Narda Mohmed, Administrative Officer, High Commission of India.

India is celebrating its 75th Anniversary of Independence on 15 August 2022 and in the run-up to the celebration of this historic occasion, the Government of India is partnering with various organisations to host a number of events.

Persons desirous of participating in the UG-IHC event this evening (Thursday) are encouraged to click on the link below to register: