Vigilance police refuse to take bleeding man to seek medical attention



By Leroy Smith

'Thomo' before he was picked up by the police.
‘Thomo’ before he was picked up by the police.

[] – Some residents of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, were up to last evening very angry with ranks of a police mobile patrol after they picked up a badly beaten and bleeding man and dumped him at the side of the road instead of taking him to seek medical attention.

The man, who is popularly known as ‘Thomo’ in the community and who lives alone, was beaten by drunken patrons of a bottom house rum shop in the area.

iNews understands that the man was tossed on the road, beaten and kicked as he lay helplessly.

When the police arrived on the scene, they received an account of what transpired from persons who had witnessed the ordeal as well as from the injured man, as he cried loudly.

The police were also provided with information of where some of the persons who committed the act reside.

The ranks then placed the man in the police patrol vehicle under the pretext that they were taking him to the police station or for medical attention but to the horror of residents, the man was dumped from the police vehicle one corner away from where the incident occurred.

The badly beaten man after he was dumped on the side of the road by the police mobile patrol.
The badly beaten man after he was dumped on the side of the road by the police mobile patrol.

The bleeding man told iNews that the ranks told him to go and look for his relatives and let them take him to the hospital.

After the man was seen stumbling back, the police were again contacted, this time by iNews and were told of what the ranks on the patrol did. The same patrol was resent to the area and the man was again picked up; this time he was taken to the Vigilance Police Station and arrangements were being made to take him for medical attention.



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