Vice Chancellor continues to deny sale of exam papers at UG

UG Vice Chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi
UG Vice Chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi

The University of Guyana continues to deny the sale of examination papers to students at the institution. Two months ago, reliable sources indicated to iNews that such sales were in fact true.

However, the university’s Vice chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi  debunked these claims, claiming that an investigation was conducted, which found that such sales do not takes place at UG.

The Vice Chancellor has called on anyone possessing information that can prove otherwise to come forward with same.

An anonymous letter was recently sent to the Law Faculty at UG alleging the sale of examination papers in that faculty. According to the Vice Chancellor, the letter was then sent to him with expressions of concern, but opined that there is not much that can be done with an anonymous letter.

Dr. Opadeyi believes such claims are made with the intent to tarnish the reputation of the institution both locally and abroad and went on to explain how it can affect students from UG who go to continue their studies overseas.

“Such accusations are not fair”, he argued. [Kurt Campbell]



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