Vergenoegen woman charged for alleged Facebook threats against President Granger


Bibi Safora Salim, of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo, appeared in court this afternoon to answer two counts of attempting to incite racial hostility or ill will against President David Granger.

The 52-year-old woman who appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McClennan at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court pleaded not guilty to the charges and was granted bail in the sum of $200,000.

The Court heard that the woman used popular social networking site, Facebook to post information that could incite racial hostility and ill will towards the President of Guyana.

Bibi Safoora Salim
Bibi Safoora Salim

She will return to court on May 11, 2016.

Salim had been arrested on March 31 this year along with her son whom she allegedly told investigators was the person who had created the Facebook account for her.

However, her son was subsequently released on station bail less than 24 hours after his arrest, and Salim was released the following day.

INews was told that when investigations began, the woman denied the accusations leveled against her stating that she had played no part in making such threats against President Granger.

The Opposition had accused the Government of targeting PPP/C supporters saying that when it was in power, serious threats were made against leaders and officials of the PPP/C Administration, but they did not pursue them in such a  manner.



  1. There is no Freedom of Expression anymore in this Country. What will the ABC Countries say now. We are living in the 21st Century and not in the 19th.Burnham days are surely coming back.

  2. This is what the police and government are doing with their time, when people are robbed and killed every day (actual serious crimes), amazing.

  3. So funny, are these things the work of god? Will she be set as an eg of the new era? Single patent, will she be pardon ? Is this capturing the police enteligence and swiftness of the police force?

  4. That woman is the product of her thoughts and the trash that was fed to her, she don’t know better sorry for you lady but I feel you need a check up from your neck up

  5. Vergenoegen woman charged for alleged Facebook threats against President Granger..
    Done tell yall get outa of Guyana any which way you folks can..
    Guyana belongs to Graingehe and his supporters whom could do no wrong


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