Venezuelan miner shoots colleague who owes him money


A 31-year-old man is nursing gunshot wounds after he was attacked by a Venezuelan miner, whom he owes approximately $15,000.

Teon Moffatt of Haslington Village, East Coast Demerara, was shot twice to his left leg on Tuesday in the vicinity of the Arau Mountain Top.

Reports are that Moffatt was at the “Vishnu Mining Camp” and was leaving that location when the suspect approached him from the opposite direction.

The Venezuelan miner reportedly confronted Moffat about the money which he is owed. It is alleged that Moffatt owes the Venezuelan national for 2.5 grams of raw gold, valued at $15,000.

However, Moffat told the perpetrator that he was not in the possession of the gold.

As such, the suspect became very annoyed and whipped out a revolver from under his jersey and shot the man twice to his upper left leg.

According to the police, the injured man fell to the ground, while the suspect made good his escape.

Moffatt is currently seeking medical attention.

Meanwhile, the police are on the hunt for the alleged perpetrator, as investigations into the matter continue.


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