Venezuela plans to issue ID cards to residents in Essequibo

Retired colonel Pompeyo Torrealba advises the government to recover the Essequibo, a disputed territory with Guyana
Retired colonel Pompeyo Torrealba advises the government to recover the Essequibo, a disputed territory with Guyana

[] – The government of Venezuela plans to launch in the coming days a diplomatic strategy to recover the territory of the Essequibo in Guyana, according to retired colonel Pompeyo Torrealba Rivero, who advises President Nicolás Maduro in this matter.

According to an article posted on El Universal, Torrealba coordinates the Office for the Rescue of the Essequibo, created by the Venezuelan government to try to recover the area.

“The claim has been made under all the administrations, but we have not been able to organize a process to recover that geographic space that belongs to Venezuela,” he said.

Torrealba informed that President Maduro ordered to teach the matter of the Essequibo as a subject in universities and elementary and high schools, and also in media located in bordering areas.

He also proposed to issue identity cards for the 200,000 estimated inhabitants of the Essequibo, plus an awareness campaign to make the population of Guyana understand that the territory belongs to Venezuela.

During an interview with multi-state TV channel Telesur, President Maduro announced that he held talks with Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador and of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), to set up a presidential or diplomatic initiative addressing the matter of the Essequibo.

According to the article, Maduro also said he would contact the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, to urge him to advocate Venezuela’s right over the territory of the Essequibo.


  1. Flippancy is freedom…I never thought the day would come when conditions in Venezuela would start to mimic the shortages of the Guyanese socialist years.

  2. We need to protest and fight for what our ancestors worked for. The Venezuelans didn’t work their bodies on that land the Guyanese people did.

  3. Loki you will be a Gypsy roaming from country to country. The Venezuelans will give you residency not citizenship.

  4. VERONIKA!!!! Oh dear! oh dear! Your reference to ” untouchable chamars that left India to work as indentured labour” is most disgusting and insensitive to say the least and that statement is racist in content and intention. The Indians who left their homeland to work in the then British Guiana were treated just like the slaves who worked under the the British. The African slaved contributed much to the development of the country. The indentured servants, without whom, the sugar industry would not have survived until today. They had to endure oppression, starvation, long hours of work in the fields, physical and sexual exploitation, beatings. Instead of telling ”Maharanee” to ”learn your history”, you need to do the same. If maharanee has issues with this new administration,he/ she has the democratic right to express his/her opinion just like how you seem to have issues with the previous administration.
    When you write about indentured servants, you are referring to the have population that live in the country.
    DO some research if you can read with understanding.

  5. Jimmer….Where did you arrive at that conclusion? The USA has been a staunch friend of Guyana and does not appear to have much interest here other than drilling the first real successful Oil find in the Countries history. Now Venezuela wants it and you seem to think that is the better choice. Maybe they do have a customer for an id card. Senor Jimmer….is the guy standing in line speaking English and waiting for 1 bar of soap and 1 roll of TP to keep the family for a week. Sound good?

  6. Let the hater Maharanee go to Venezuela as it/he so much dislikes the new government. He will then be exposed to the full force of democracy and will be treated just like the untouchable chamars that left India to work as indentured labour in Guyana…. Just because you support 23 years of corruption don’t sell yourself off cos your vex you are no longer in power … learn your history!…

  7. Mr Maduro is a desperate, failed President and may very well lash out at his much smaller, practically defenceless neighbor to ensure a prominent place in Venezuelan history. What a sick, cowardly mind!
    But where is BRAZIL in all of this? It’s in their interest, too, to issue a public statement strengthening the position of the Guyana gov’t and preventing the situation from escalating further to destabilize Guyana. After all, their miners are doing well in Essequibo!

  8. yes! that is true if they accept the ID card they will have to live in Venezuela..This move by Venezuela is an act of aggression and provocation to the soveriegnty of the Cooperative Republic Of Guyana

  9. Some persons are so desperate to hate our army and new government that they are prepare to offer themselves as living sacrifices to fuel that hate through uttering sheer foolishness. Maharanee, for example, may not realise that the potential take-over by Venezuela will case some 200000 plus Guyanese to be subjected to the discrimination and emerging quality of life of the “not so white” Spaniards in Venezuela.. that is, those persons whose interest Chavez claimed he represented. Does, Maharanee want to be a part of that collection?

  10. it matters not who or whom a person is govern by once there are offer better improvement of live that is the government they will choose. citizen will always choose a improve life it matter not who or whom is govern them.

  11. it does not matter who Venezuela has as president they have never gave up this part of Guyana. crima citizen never pay taxes to Russia and today it is under Russia protection. please read the 1966 treaty that burnham sign. it will provide the much need clarity to Guyanese population .

  12. I hope the Government seeks out and arrests any person distributing “fake Id” cards from another country within Guyana. Maduro has made a complete mess of his own country and is now deflecting all over de place.

  13. President Madura,

    Firstly you have to LEARN to Speak English FLUENTLY to communicate with us Guyanese people.

    Secondly, telling you commonweal that Essequibo belongs to Venezuela, does not make it so.

    Nor does not give you any Legitimate Claim to it either.

  14. Venezuelan ID Cards for Essequibo Residents?

    If any Guyanese Resident or Residents allow themselves to be Identified as Venezuelans.

    Then they will be RE-PATRIATED to Venezuela.

  15. Well it is war! I wonder how the Venezuelan jokers plan to issue ID cards to Guyanese? There are some Guyanese who are going to want to accept the Venezuelan ID cards but most Guyanese understand what is going on. We need to alert the ABC countries of a need for military support as the GDF by itself cannot push back the Venezuelans. The Venezuelans need to see clearly that “not a blade of grass” is more than just words.

  16. What is the dull point being made by Maharanee? For some free education: The fact is no territory no state. When states face the prospect of annexation or destabilisation when the army fights the population is not excluded. Have you been following the current conflicts globally? The fact is that the men may die on the battle field but the evidence from all conflicts shows that women and children suffer the most. People become refugees or die as well. More so there is something called “conscription” for all able-bodied men and women when there is a declaration of war, if that is what you want to see from Venezuela. So get a hold on reality and learn as well as think. In wars all are involved and all are consumed. OK.
    On a more serious note it is an established fact that countries or states when faced with internal difficulties try to focus attention on external issues in order to galvanize national unity. Clearly, that is the Venezuelan strategy over the years and they are proposing now a “diplomatic strategy” which is treasonous if supported and or encouraged by any Guyanese. Think on this! It wouldn’t make for a sensible construction of the history of the present.


  18. Maharanee, why don’t shut up if you have nothing good to say? Reflect on the nonsense you post. It is the same GDF you will depend to save your little… and others like you. Pray that that day does not come.

  19. Venezuela never did any administrative work for any of the claimed territory, similarly the the citizens of Essequibo never paid taxes to the Venezuelan Government. Now all of a sudden the Venezuelan Government wants them as citizens of Venezuela! Its all because of the oil discovery!Just plain greed!

  20. Did you tell your ppp cabal when Suriname gunboats ups the oil drilling rig and tell tthem to get out of the waters, no you didn’t. poor soupie, just type tripe daily on all the blogs. kwame can’t pay you any longer, so you doing this pro bono! you have alot of wasted hours to account for!

  21. Friend if you don’t know in our wildest dream our defence force cannot handle the Venezuelans army that is why they are doing this these people don’t care which government is running Guyana all they want is our wealth because our population is small do think that if we had ten to about twenty million people and a larger army that they would have tried what they are doing ther are bullies and maybe they will get what they are looking for. One of these day the Venezuelans airforce in 1976 or 1977 i open fire on T&T trawlers because they lay claim to T&T oil so you see they are nothing but dame bullies

  22. MADuro is about to loose Power in Venezuela. He is a crazy and desperate politician who can’t allow himself to be out of political power. But he is now desperately clutching to shadows with no substance to support him. Poor guy.

  23. Will Venezuelan officials come across the broder and issue these IDs? Will Guyanese go across the border into Venezuela and collect these IDs? Any Guyanese who is found in possession of such a document, should be classified as a trator and sent to Sibley Hall on the lower mazaruni or DEPORTED to VENEZUELA

  24. What a joke by the power hungry Maduro, its time he focus on his own country and the suffering of his citizens!


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