Vendors stage another protest over M&CC’s ‘high-handedness’


Stabroek Market vendors along with members of the Guyana Vendors Market Union staged another protest in front of City Hall earlier today, calling for the removal of several top officers of the M&CC, including the Mayor, Town Clerk, and Chief Constable Officer.

dsc_0616Vendors expressed frustration at the M&CC’s recent decision to have them removed from the Stabroek Market Canopy area claiming that they were not consulted on the issue. 

President of the Guyana Vendors Market Union, Eon Andrews, told INews that the protest was prompted due to the many empty promises made by the Mayor and Town Clerk of Georgetown.

He further questioned the sincerity of the promises to build a more modernised market to facilitate vending.

President of the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC), Russell Gonsalves, also joined the protest in support of the vendors and questioned the Town Clerk’s refusal to meet and hold discussions with the members of the Market Union concerning issues affecting them.

Other vendors told INews that they feel victimised by the Chief Constable attached to the Mayor and City Council, Andrew Foo, especially since a rifle was found under the Stabroek Market Canopy some days ago.

The M&CC has maintained that it is taking a humane approach to vending in the city, but at the same time will not allow lawlessness to prevail.


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