Vendors obstructing the flow of traffic at Stabroek Market to be relocated


Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill and Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn during the walkabout in the capital city, Georgetown. [Public Works Ministry photo]
Vendors who are operating on the roadways in a manner that is obstructing the flow of traffic in the vicinity of the Georgetown Fire Station will be relocated.

The announcement was made by Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn who, along with other officials including Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill, conducted a walkabout in the city this morning where they identified a number of issues that need to be addressed.

“We are not happy, of course with a lot of selling that going on on the roadway which should be open to the traffic and the fire service…the fire trucks and the ambulances, so that is a very difficult situation. At the moment we are requesting and requiring that the persons who are selling on the traffic road way, to move off of the road way,” Minister Benn said.

The Home Affairs Minister was confronted with the option of relocating the Fire Station instead of removing the vendors.

However, he said this is not on the agenda at the moment.

“There is no plan that I am aware of. In my view, and it might be thought as a personal view, all the historical fires in Georgetown have happened in this circle of area, and if we have an additional burden of moving the fire service trucks lil too far out… every minute counts when there is a fire,” he said.

“So, what we want to do, is to write back the fire lanes on the ground, and on the roadways, to have people move off so that there is free access and free departure lanes for the fire trucks, and ambulance, and to try to maintain that,” Minister Benn said.

Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Minister also raised concerns over the fact that many vendors were not adhering to Covid-19 protocols.