Vendors hoping for increased sales during Christmas period


With Christmas only days away, Georgetown is buzzing with activities as Guyanese have taken to the city streets to do their shopping for the festive season.

Georgetown- in particular- along Regent Street to the Avenue of the Republic is becoming more filled as exuberant vendors look forward for an exciting Christmas with their families this year.

However, when INews caught up with some of the vendors on Monday they expressed that all is not as merry and bright as it seems.

A clothing vendor, who gave her name only as Natasha said that sales are slow although the streets are filled with persons.

“Right now things lil slow, but I’m hoping that it will pick up maybe by weekend into next week. People not really buying clothes…but in between yuh still getting one and two things sell. I know things will pick up later on man,” she told this publication.

Meanwhile, Leon Anthony, a vendor, said people are shopping everyday.

“Everything nice man, everybody doing deh shopping businesses blooming and so on, no complaints. My wish for Guyana is for everyone to have a merry Christmas and a blessed new year. Make sure to use to roadways safely and just have a nice time,” Anthony explained.

Don Paul, a fruits vendor highlighted the reason for the season as he stated that it’s a time to spread love and joy to each other. “It’s not only shopping up and suh, this time is to spend time with yuh family and people close to you. My plans for this Christmas is just to eat, drink and be merry. Season greetings to all Guyanese near and far”.

He also noted that even though “things are slow” he is contented with whatever he sells at the end of the day.

When INews spoke with plant vendor, Jerry London within the city about business sales and his plans for the season, he related that even though the holidays are near the sales are still quite low.

“Well even though things are slow I know that Guyanese are late shoppers so im hoping that it will pick up in the week.”

Nevertheless, these merchants remain positive that this will change over the coming week.



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