Vendor shot in head trying to protect wife from armed robbers


A La Penitence market vendor is battling for his life at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was shot to his head reportedly trying to ward off four armed bandits from robbing his wife in the vicinity of Twin’s Drug Store, Saffon Street, Georgetown on Easter Monday.

The seriously injured man was identified as Doodnauth ‘Hardat’ Danrasi of Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara.

Based on reports received, the now injured man had a scuffle with at least four armed men who relieved his wife of her apron containing over $100,000.

The four armed men reportedly appeared at the market under the pretext of purchasing fruits and vegetables but instead held the woman at gunpoint.

Upon realizing what was happening, ‘Hardat’ reportedly went to his wife’s rescue and it was during this time, one of the men discharged a round hitting him to the temple. The bandits then escaped with the apron, containing the money, on two motorcycles.


After the bandits left the scene, the injured man was rushed to the hospital.




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