Vendor reportedly shot in confrontation with another


Police are investigating an alleged shooting incident which ensued between a 43-year-old vendor and another man following an argument in the vicinity of Conrad’s Inn Compound on Thursday afternoon.

The injured man has been identified as a Shawn Joseph, a vendor of Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Based on information received, the incident occurred at about 17;00hrs.

This publication was informed that on the date and time in question, the victim and a friend had just finished eating in Breda Street when they decided to go to a shop in Leopold Street.

While heading to the shop via Conrad’s Inn compound, Joseph was approached by the suspect- identified only as “Struggle”.

The duo reportedly began to argue over a previous misunderstanding, after which Struggle allegedly broke a beer bottle and attacked the vendor, who in turn whipped out a knife to defend himself.

Joseph said shortly after, he heard what sounded like a gunshot, followed by a burning sensation on in his upper left back.

He claimed that he fell unconscious at this point and when he regained consciousness, he was in an ambulance being transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Joseph is said to be in a stable condition, while the perpetrator remains at large.



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