Vendor incapacitates Cop after failing to apologise for mashing his shoe


A Constable, Satish Boodhoo, 38, attached to the City Constabulary was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, nursing a wound to his head after he was chopped by an irate vendor along Water Street, Georgetown.

Based on reports received, the vendor reportedly stepped on Boodhoo’s feet and the Constable demanded an apology, but the vendor became abusive.

The vendor continued to verbally abuse the Constable, who cautioned that if he continued, he could be arrested and charged. By this time, other vendors flocked the Constable and a heated argument ensued as they attempted to defend their colleague.

However, the argument continued and as Boodhoo attempted to arrest the vendor, he whipped out a sharp object and dealt him one blow to the head. The Constable fell unconscious to the roadway.

His colleagues, also on foot patrol, rushed to his assistance and arrived just in time as the irate vendor was attempting to disarm him. Upon their arrival, the suspect fled the scene.

The injured Constable was picked up and taken to the Hospital where he was admitted.

The other Constables were reportedly a short distance away when Boodhoo was attacked and injured, and upon hearing the commotion, they turned around and responded before the matter could have gotten worse. The incident was reported to the Police and an investigation has been launched.


  1. So sad however with this administration this type of crap will continue and become the norm of the day .Granger and his stooges will look the other side as long as the victim does not look like him.These low lives that commit this crime should be hanged–no justice no peace is time for us indians to stand up and fight for our lives now enough is enough -Everyday we are victims of robberies and killing this admin would not do any thing for us —–period .


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