Vector Control Services to start fogging South Georgetown shortly



Vector control team[] – The Ministry of Health’s Vector Control Services on Friday hosted a malaria smear fogging demonstration exercise at the Square of Revolution for media operatives to heighten sensitisation on the work they are conducting.

This brief exercise was held in accordance with the upcoming fogging activities planned by the Ministry. The Vector Control Services will commence fogging in selected communities with a lot of focus on the Capital City. This exercise targets communities such as Charlestown, Werk-en-Rust, Newburg, Wortmanville, Kitty, Bel Air, Ogle, Queenstown, and Sophia. It is expected to commence at 5:30 pm daily with the aim of eradicating adult mosquitoes.

Speaking at the brief demonstration exercise, Director of Vector Control Services, Dr. Reyaud Rahaman advised residents to open their windows to allow the fog mist into their homes and buildings to kill the mosquitoes that are inside.          

He noted that the smoke is not dangerous to human health and that residents of the targeted areas should not be alarmed or worried. He added that it is also safe for pets, but birds should be kept covered during this exercise.

Dr. Rahaman said residents should cover all drinking water and secure all food stuff both cooked and uncooked to prevent possible contamination, and also advised that individuals suffering from asthmatic conditions avoid direct contact with the fog mist. He highlighted that while malaria may be one of the leading vector borne diseases, there are many others, some which may be fatal. These include Chikungunya, Dengue, Lymphatic Filariasis, Leishmaniasis and Chagas among many others.

Chikungunya is one of the more worrisome said Dr. Rahaman, and this exercise mostly targets this disease and malaria because they have similar symptoms and are transmitted by mosquitoes.



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