US$650,000 grant for Bartica ‘Green Town’ project

A section of Bartica
  • launch set for today

In light of Guyana’s overarching sustainable development achievements through the adaptation of the “go green” approach, the Government of Italy has extended a US$650,000 grant towards the establishment of a model ‘green town’ for the conducting of research here.

Bartica, on the left bank of the Essequibo River, in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), has been selected as the model ‘green town’, where research will be executed to accumulate information for the implementation of energy and sustainable development programmes.

The ‘Green Town’ initiative is aimed at establishing a reliable point of reference for the existing state of energy use and as such, Bartica will be placed under the microscope for the extraction of data. The information generated from this undertaking will be used for future measurements and predictions for evidence-based decision-making and pursuance of projects and programmes.

A section of Bartica

During the timeline of this initiative, Bartica will undergo sensitisation and awareness programmes for the populace as well as the conducting of a Household Baseline Survey Study, and energy audits of public institutions, facilities and street lighting, among other forms of assessments to be done throughout the town.

This is part of an effort to acquire adequate knowledge, which will be transcribed into programmes aimed at improving the existing systems of various towns across the country so as to align them with the nationwide “go green” approach.

These efforts are being facilitated by the Office of Climate Change, which falls under the purview of the Ministry of the Presidency, and functions in partnership with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC). The project also is in accordance with the agenda of the country’s green economy framework.

The ‘Green Town’ project is set to be officially launched today.




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