US$12M spent on Amaila Project thus far, 67% completed


The access road leading to the Amaila Falls Project. [Shaan Mohamed Photo]
The access road leading to the Amaila Falls Project. [Shaan Mohamed Photo]
Approximately US$12M has been spent on the controversial Amaila Falls Hydro Project thus far, which is about 67 percent completed.

This is according to Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn. Some members of the media were given a guided tour of part of the project earlier today, Tuesday July 23.

According to Minister Benn, the alignment of the access road has been completed but there are still works to be done on sections 2, 3,4,5,6 and 7. Benn pointed out that section 2 [B] is where the critical work needs to executed in terms of constructing a bridge across the river.

The Public Works Minister explained that section seven of the access road is where significant amount of work is left to be done, as 58 bridges need to be constructed. However, Benn explained that over 20 pieces of equipment are in the area, getting the work done.

“It would be a great shame and a great reversal of our country’s fortune, if we are unable to complete this project…in my view, it is too important for any one person for it to fail. We don’t want to be condemned by future generations,” Minister Benn said.

Last Thursday, the parliamentary opposition voted down two critical pieces of legislation linked to the Amaila Falls Project.

When asked if any efforts were made to rekindle the discussion with the Opposition, Benn said he is not aware of such.

“Persons may have been gathering their thoughts again together for a renewed effort on Thursday coming. There are discussions on what the approach should be given the parliamentary arrangements,” the Public Works Minister explained.

Despite the setbacks, the government is still hopeful that the Project will meet its December 31 deadline.



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