US State Dept official supports call for respect of recount results in Guyana

Michael Kozak

Michael G. Kozak, a diplomat in the United States Department of State, currently serving as Acting Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, has supported the call made by the Organisation of American States (OAS) for the recount results in Guyana to be respected.

Kozak retweeted the OAS’s statement of July 11, expressing that “we stand with the OAS_official in calling for respect of the results of the national recount in #Guyana.”

The OAS, in that July 11 statement, made it clear that “the only democratic solution for Guyana at this time is respect for the results of the National Recount. No other figures – neither those prepared prior to the recount, nor those recently invalidated by the Caribbean Court of Justice, nor any others that may be unilaterally devised by the Chief Elections Officer – can have any place in the final determination of results. A new electoral process is also an unacceptable solution.”

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