US prepared to deliver as many Pfizer vaccines as Guyana needs – Ambassador


United States Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch on Thursday announced that the American Government is committing to deliver as many Pfizer vaccines that Guyana needs to vaccinate the population.

She made these remarks at an event organised to celebrate the 246th Independence anniversary of the US and 56 years of bilateral relationship between the US and Guyana. Ambassador Lynch pointed out that since the pandemic stuck, many have lost their lives.

As such, the US Government will be donating shots for the paediatric, adolescent and adult categories, as well as booster shots.

“Sadly, during this unprecedented time, many of us lost colleagues, friends, and family, members of our community, and I know that their memories will be a blessing for all of us. In view of this collective sacrifice, it gives me solace to announce that the United States Government is prepared to collaborate with Guyana and the Ministry of Health to donate as many Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines as Guyana needs. This includes booster and paediatric doses to fully vaccinate, and all of Guyana adults, adolescents and children who are eligible,” the diplomat shared.

Her pledge was welcomed by President Dr Irfaan Ali. The Health Ministry will liaise with the envoy to finalise the figures and shipments.

Since vaccines have been approved, the US Government has made tangible donations of COVID-19 vaccines to the Health Ministry which have been used to immunise Guyanese.

Last year, the US Government contributed 146,250 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines to Guyana, which signalled a turning point in the country’s vaccination campaign. The jabs were then introduced to children aged 12 and above.

At that time, 56,000 students enrolled in secondary schools across Guyana and anyone in the age category were eligible for the vaccine. Some from the primary level, TVET, Cyril Potter College of Education and University of Guyana were included.

With the US FDA recently granting approval for use of vaccines for children between six months and four years of age, Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony had positioned this week that Government would want to source the jabs.

However, there are challenges, but Government has initiated a process through its channels to bring the shots here. Generally, it would take some months to access the jabs.