US Envoy to PPP: ‘Take your seats in Parliament’

PPP Members at a press conference.

By Jomo Paul

Charge’ d’ Affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunt
Charge’ d’ Affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunt

[] – US Charge d’ Affaires Bryan Hunt is urging that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) accept the status of being Guyana’s political opposition by taking its 32 out of 65 seats in the National Assembly and taking part in the governance of Guyana.

Hunt made the comment while speaking on a local radio programme on Thursday, May 28 and responded to questions from the host about the PPP/C’s non acceptance of the results from the 2015 General and Regional elections.

Hunt posited that 49% of Guyana’s electorate voted for the Party and wanted to see the PPP play a role in governance; therefore they should not fail those persons who voted for them at the May 11 polls.

The final results of the General and Regional elections show APNU+AFC with 207,200 votes and the PPP/C with 202, 694 votes, hence the APNU+AFC won by 4,506 votes.

For the regional polls the APNU+AFC acquired 205,001 votes and the PPP/C 202,268. The PPP which was unseated at the elections by a slim majority has been in office for the past 23 years. The Party has already indicated its intention to challenge the results of the elections by way of a petition.

“I think it is incumbent upon the Opposition to take their seats in Parliament and take part in the governance process. 49% of the people wanted to see them in parliament, wanted to see them take those seats wanted to see them play a role in the governance of the country and I hope that the PPP/C will take up that responsibility that they have and take up that role in government,” said the Charge d’ Affaires.

The PPP/C has since stated that it is yet to decide on how it intends to deal with the new government and its role in the 11th Parliament.

PPP Members at a press conference.
PPP Members at a press conference.

Meanwhile, when questioned about the allegations of elections rigging and collusion between the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the APNU+AFC, Hunt said the PPP has not provided any amount of evidence to support its claim.

“They have provided a number of allegations. The allegations seem to center around their claim that 21 of the statements of poll in their possession differed from the ones used by the Guyana Elections Commission…and members of the observers groups have reviewed the statements of poll provided by the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic and the statements of poll in the possession of GECOM and I can tell you there is no difference in the two documents. They are identical,” Hunt remarked.

The US envoy indicated that for Guyana to move forward, the new government will have the responsibility of forging a genuine representation of inclusionary democracy. He contended that this could be achieved through widespread stakeholder consultation on the part of the government given that close to half of Guyana’s electorate may not agree with the policies being advocated by the administration.

“The government comes into office with a very slim majority; I think it is going to be important therefore that the focus remains on inclusive governance. As the President and his government move forward they are going to need to consult broadly with Guyanese society, they are going to need to consult with civil society…with the Opposition…they are going to need to make sure that the policies that they advance are going to have the broad support of the Guyanese people and not just 51% of the Guyanese people,” the US Envoy emphasized.




  1. I am thinking am I in a nursery school you people sound so names call and our country was in a mess we need to work together in building it up to a place where people can want to come to the pass government did what they know which was to corrupt the people while they full they pockets now apnu+afc will do what they know lets hope for the best .

  2. Much appreciation to Mr. Hunt for assisting with mediating a solution that will be for the benefit of Guyana. It will require a great deal of maturity and patience to move Guyana forward. Let us eliminate the hate content and focus on that which edifies.

  3. first of all please put some clothes on and look decent.
    Secondly, is this good advice or must i say one with a slant?
    Are you working for the PNC Government Sir?

  4. A Message To The PPP/C Opposition In Guyana

    If the PPP/C refuse to occupy their seats in Parliament, they will not be paid salaries until they decide to do so in person.

    The Commonweal will not pay salaries to Absentee Representatives.

  5. We will continue to hear stupid and divisive comments. The time to build is NOW.I hope that RACIST people are aware that the new gov’t. is comprised of all races including Africans and Indians.

  6. That piece of dog crap is the worst. (Sooba) She just knew Georgetown belonged to her. Just as jagdeo and his boys and the enforcer pyra thought. These are spoiled children. They miss the power. They do not have to take their seats in Parliament, the country will be better off. The real reason they-PPP is pushing so hard to be in control again is – they are afraid of the financial mess that will be uncovered under their watch and the possible prosecutions that may follow. After living large for 23 years Camp and Durban Streets don’t seem like an attractive option.

  7. To PPP/C should go, sit and debate with heads ‘lifted high’.
    Ok, lets mitigate and move forward.
    The nearly fifty percent you have is clean and not tainted.
    They are your supporters and need representation.
    Go as shining stars and debate hard.
    The days when the Parliament was made into a circus is long gone.
    It is time for restoration.

  8. Haha! Mr Hunt literally told THEM/THOSE people to sit your ass down , wow! hello Prya can you please inform Mr Hunt to stop meddling in Guyana affairs, but hold on , you’re nobody ,SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!!, hello Goat man , hello Lunch man, Hi Bar Rat , sorry not Bar Rat, he already under too much pressure, but to the rest of them/those SIT YOUR ASS DOWN ,hello y’all please don’t forget the night nurse Ms Skooba , two years no vacation , nah bhai she definitely need to sit her weary ass down.


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