US Envoy reiterates that final elections results were accurate

Charge d' Affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunte

By Jomo Paul

Charge’ d’ Affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunt
Charge’ d’ Affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunt

[] – While the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) mounted a protest outside of the Headquarters of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), against the results of the 2015 General and Regional elections and alleging collusion between GECOM and APNU+AFC, the US Envoy to Guyana has once again stated that the results of the elections are credible.

Even before the announcement of the results, the PPP has been alleging widespread irregularities and pointed out that there were some fake Statements of Poll (SOPs) submitted to GECOM. While GECOM admitted that it did indeed received SOPs, they were not counted and would not affect the results of the May 11 national polls.

Responding to recent protest actions by the PPP/C, US Charge D’ Affaires Brian Hunt told iNews that the United States strongly supports the right of peaceful assembly adding that such a right should be exercised in accordance with local law.

Former President, Donald Ramotar and former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand protest in front of GECOM. [News' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar and former Education Minister, Priya Manickchand protest in front of GECOM. [iNews’ Photo]
He said that all of Guyana’s political leaders should now shift their focus from political campaigning to governing and find ways to work together to advance the social and economic development of all Guyanese.

 “As to the merits of the assertions being made by the protesters, international observers were present throughout all stages of Guyana’s recent electoral process including the tabulation and verification of the preliminary and final results,” said Hunt.

He pointed out that international observers were in regular contact with contesting political parties and evaluated such political parties’ concerns as part of their assessments of the process.

“In the final analysis, international observer missions found the polling, counting, verification, and tabulation processes to be free, fair, and credible. The final results of the election accurately reflected the votes cast by the Guyanese people.  All political parties should respect the outcome of the democratic process,” he said in a recent interview.



  1. Are you admitting where the fire took place was a PPP poling station ? well let’s hope next time Mr Hunt condemned the burning of PPP fake poling station #allyouass.

  2. Its the same you ppl crying now, you think you could cuss the most powerful notion that gave you power in 92 now they kick u out because crime dont pay, PPP bite the hand that fed them, so BY BY and i bet they the ppp will never see office again RIP

  3. Tell the readers what you said for 23 yrs, how loud did you shout for Courtney, Sach Shaw, and all the other murders, I bet you pulled your tail between your legs and said nothing, so i remind you again, the RESULTS are FINAL, i will send you a bullhorn so you could shout put very loud!! Guyanese UNITE! You RASIST the cup is empty fill it with respect for all Guyana

  4. General elections were held in British Guiana on 7 December 1964. They were the first held under proportional representation, and saw the People’s Progressive Party win 24 of the 53 directly elected seats. However, the People’s National Congress (22 seats) and United Force (7 seats) were able to form a coalition government with a working majority. Despite losing the elections, Prime Minister and PPP leader Cheddi Jagan refused to resign, and had to be removed by Governor Richard Luyt, with Forbes Burnham replacing him.[2] Voter turnout was 97.0%.

  5. Yes Green Giant, I too beg that the media ask some more penetrating questions; even at the GECOM press conferences, I observed a sense of intimidation in the air. Put them on the spot and ask. Ask the questions, represent the people – the people want/need answers!

  6. As far as I recall the Carter Centre alone came with 50 observers; 2,299 polling stations? Were there other US observers to put them in a position to claim they were present in a satisfactorily representative manner throughout the elections, and thus capable of offering an opinion as to what was credible and what was not? Perhaps we the GT people cannot do the math? Here I was thinking it was just perhaps the PPP, APNU+AFC or GECOM that got the math mixed up.

    Results are not credible because the USA says they are. Where are the Commonwealth observers, do they have a comment? Furthermore, like others have also mentioned – had there been observers at GECOM through the tabulation process, why are we dealing with sorting through fake SOPS for reporting results. The mere mention of them deems some lack of credibility. Had there been observers during the tabulation process, why did the US and UK come out to make claims of the absence of fake SOPs? Who’s not getting their story right? GECOM, US, UK, APNU+AFC, PPP… They trying to toss up we brains – think for yourself GT people.

  7. If it is true that observers were present everywhere as claimed by Hunt. “As to the merits of the assertions being made by the protesters, international observers were present throughout all stages of Guyana’s recent electoral process including the tabulation and verification of the preliminary and final results,” said Hunt.
    Then how come he didn’t condemned the PNC for the burning of PPP vehicles and damaging to properties?
    Hunt is a liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They were not everywhere. Lies, Lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bully Coolie,it seems like you are not paying attention to the real issues,the original recount was done,the areas they(PPP)said was riged were recounted,when everything was found to be correct,PPP said they want all 10 regions recounted!
    The PPP must swallow this pill,and remember what they did in 2006,a court ruling was made for them to give back a seat to the AFC,that was stolen! They blatantly refused to obey a court order…NOTHING FOR THE PPP!
    Not one inch!

  9. Bryan Hunte is a typical American you loose move on and the gentle diplomat is right. God ppl dont like the PPP because of the arrogance dispalyed when theywere in Power. I could tell ramoutar when a child has to die because cabinet cant agree on 5 million for the surgery but you can pay over 50m for a PPP member treatment overseas then the extended family of that person wont vote for you. There are many.
    You failed to addresss the wealth of a number of ministers while it is obvious for ppl to see.

    Check where you lost the one one that didnt vote for you mattered in the final count. You buddy friend raj sing knick off 25 cane harvesters multiply that by 25 you lost those votes.
    Check again we can go on

  10. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof of the accuracy of the final results is in the counting. Come on Mr. Hunt, if you REALLY BELIEVE that the final results are accurate , call for a recount of the ballot boxes to prove your point. That would cost almost nothing and can be done in a very short time.

  11. It is time to move on President Donald Ramotar please get rid of Jagdeo he is an abomination to the party. Jagdeo is a low life thief and all he will do is drag the PPP/C into the ground. You are a reputable man and there is smart and intelligent members within your party surround yourself with those and move on with a new motive which will include all Guyanese and find common ground in working together and making Guyana the Great nation it once way.

  12. The election rules of Guyana,states that for that to be done the returning officer has to agree to it,4 returning officers did agree for a recount,remember?…this was done,the results were the same in those ballot boxes!the other 6 returning officers refused to do the recount.The PPP and you are in denial…the election results are credible,accept it,go to parliament and engage in the business of representing the people that voted for them.

  13. We have to be objective about what really the PPP want…ALL of Guyana,ALL the power,ALL are like dust to them!
    They play a zero sum game!

  14. MAX /////shutup? this is the kind of bullysm being dished out by people like you to the silent majority in guyana…its ok that you have to bow to your masters but dont ask others to shutup when they are fighting for you since you must bow we dont want you bowing anymore.. shut up for a moment lets others fight your fight so u dont have to bow to your masters.

  15. The PPP full up of ploys and tricks, If the think the US team did something to enable the APNU AFC to get into power, let them go protest in front of the US Canadian British and EU embassies… You feel the ppp stupid?.. they’re not, the PPP just trying to keep their stupid supporters like you (Green Giant) convinced.. $1 million bet the recount say APNU AFC won by more than 4000= votes… by the way is nah clinton he self say this thing was free and fair couple days back? Grasshopper number 2.. Dont get vex cause you and Africo jump ship and land overboard.

  16. The PPP will never forget the day they CUSS D BRIDGE and bite the hand that fed them in 92. Now the will kick themselves in the butt in 2015, The dream of being reelected is never, your own FED UP get with it,,,

  17. The election results is FINAL,, get with it and for the first time unite and start working, put up or shut up

  18. The PPP/C will never accept the results, because dictators hate to lose. They are also trying to save face, since they did not expect to lose, so they decided to mount a campaign against the integrity of the election. Don’t blame anyone, the Guyanese people fired you from the lousy job you were doing. With a 40% unemployment rate, you were one of the few in the country with jobs.

  19. Oh and this too for the Hunt man..If all—if everyone–if everybody was there through out the entire process…The how come FAKE SOPS ENDED UP AT GECOM??? the media houses have the magic bullet now …ask how those bogus things ended up at gecom…ask without favore..ask without—Fear??? No?

  20. US Envoy reiterates that final elections results were accurate::
    If you think its so then why not have the ballot boxes be opened and take a count to put PPP to rest once and for all…
    The ballots in those boxes are like DNA and it dont lie like people do..
    Opening and recounting those ballot boxes wont tamper with the government doing what they are doing…Or would it after the recount?


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