US Embassy will not use visas as a weapon of sanction against Guyana Gov’t

U.S Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana
U.S Embassy, Georgetown, Guyana

[] – The United States (US) Embassy in Georgetown says it will not use visa revocation as a democratic weapon of sanction against the government following calls by the Alliance for Change (AFC) for the visas of ministers to be revoked.

The call was made during a protest in front of the Embassy’s office in Kingston, Georgetown on January 16 by some of the Party members and Columnist, Freddie Kissoon.

iNews sought a comment from the US Embassy through the Public Affairs Department and in a short response via email, it was noted, “the Embassy does not comment on specific visa cases. The Embassy has not and will not use visa revocation as you described.”

Executive Members of the AFC, Michael Carrington during the protest told Reporters that the People’s Progressive Party government is violating the rights of the constitution and the people of Guyana and as such, the US should revoke their visas.

“We are calling on the US embassy to remove visas from all government officers. We think they are violating the constitution, they are violating the rights of the people and as such we think their visas should be removed. They are unjust to the people of Guyana.”

Additionally, Columnist Freddie Kissoon, who supported the AFC’s protest, called on the ABC countries to implement sanctions against the government for proroguing Guyana’s Parliament.

“The time has come for the ABC Countries – America, Britain and Canada to act against this government. We will like to remind the US embassy that one of its Ambassadors, Bullen had used VISA as a democratic weapon of sanction. [Tracey Khan – Drakes]



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