US Embassy official robbed three times during Mash festivities


By Jomo Paul

[] – An official of the United States Embassy in Georgetown was attacked and robbed three times during the celebration of Mashramani on Monday February 23.

The official, who prefers not to be identified, told iNews during a telephone interview that the ordeal happened in less than ten minutes on Vlissingen Road in the vicinity of Popeyes.

The incident occurred sometime around 19:30 hours. He explained that he was walking by himself when he felt someone reach into his pockets and he reacted. According to him, in the first instance he put his arms around one of his attackers and subsequently released him.

However, the terror of the night did not stop there as his assailant returned with company and dealt him several blows about the body, before relieving him of his valuables.

He said he managed to quickly escape but was again attacked by what he believed to be the same gang of men who dealt him some more blows to the body and subsequently made their escape.

“It was a crowded street, they did the old routine, the thing someone in front and someone behind,” the official said adding “the first time it was two, the second time it was two and the final time it was like 4 or 5 guys…all reaching into every pocket that I have.”

He explained that he was relieved of his cellular phone and wallet which had some amount of US currency and over $40,000 Guyana Dollars. His credit cards were also among the items taken.

The Official told iNews that he will be conducting a medical examination sometime on Tuesday, February 24 which would include a CT scan.