Urling shown ‘evidence’ of corruption; called out on double standards

Newly added candidate on the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) list, Clinton Urling

By Fareeza Haniff

Newly added candidate on the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) list, Clinton Urling
Newly added candidate on the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) list, Clinton Urling

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Newly added candidate on the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) list, Clinton Urling was presented with various pieces of evidence relating to corruption in Guyana during his appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday, April 26.

The businessman was also called out for what can be described as his ‘double standards’ when it comes to the contentious issue of Local Government Elections (LGE).

Joining him on Hard Talk was APNU+AFC candidate, James Bond with Chris Chapwanya as the host, who both confronted him about his stance on LGE.

When shown evidence by Chapwanya about what he had said on government intentionally delaying LGE, Urling made it clear that he still holds the view that Guyana should have held LGE before general elections; however he is now confident that incumbent President, Donald Ramotar will keep his promise.

“My Party [PPP/C] is committed to that and I’m pretty confident that we’ll have Local Government Elections,” Urling said.

Chapwanya again reminded him of what he said during a previous Hard Talk episode that Ramotar promised LGE in 2011 but it did not materialize.

Additionally, Bond also refreshed Urling’s memory by pointing out that he [Urling] held the President responsible for not holding the elections and for withholding consent to two Bills related to the hosting of LGE.

APNU Leader, David Granger and Clinton Urling during the picket exercise recently outside Office of the President
APNU Leader, David Granger and Clinton Urling during the picket exercise recently outside Office of the President

Bond also reminded that Urling was on the picket line with the Opposition, calling for LGE but now he [Urling] is confident that there will be LGE.

“This shows you probably were not serious in the first instance when you tried to hold the government accountable,” Bond noted.

In response, Urling said, “I believe the President when he makes the commitment now that he is going to hold LGE. I am now part of the Party structure to ensure that I advocate for that to occur and happen…the President and all this talk about breaking promises, you got to look at the environment that prevailed and the context that prevailed post 2011.”

Meanwhile, Urling recently came in for heavy criticism after he joined the PPP/C Party, more so after he said “show me the evidence” when asked about the ruling Party harbouring and encouraging corruption.

Chapwanya pointed out to the former President and Chairman of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) and Blue Caps that on June 3, 2013, he said “we are putting the issue of corruption high on the agenda and we have talked about the need for effective institutes and the establishment and implementation of these institutes to ensure that corruption is minimized.”

Attorney - at - Law and APNU Member, James Bond
Attorney – at – Law and APNU Member, James Bond

But following his decision to join the PPP/C, Urling is on record as saying, “if you have the evidence and you show me the evidence maybe I may be persuaded to look at it but that’s all based on perception.”

When confronted with this, the businessman said the corruption argument should be based on facts.

“When it comes to this issue of corruption, you know people can make accusations against anyone and that happens not only with government that can happen with Private Sector and those allegations have to turn into imperial facts. You gotta do dialectics, you gotta argue on facts and not just to focus on anecdotal evidence.”

At this point, the host reminded him that he was in support of anecdotal evidence.

In response, Urling said, “I think the focus ideally should be what is our government or what is any government doing to curb corruption.”

He then requested Chapwanya to show him some evidence.

At this time, Chapwayna presented reports emanating from surveys that Urling conducted as Chairman of the GCCI, titled “Attitudinal Surveys” which revealed among other things that more than 70 percent of GCCI members believe there is rampant corruption.

Urling then pointed out that it was a “perception survey,” at which point, the host queried why conduct a survey of that nature if the results are meaningless.

But the former GCCI President maintained that it is just perception and that there needs to be proper institutions, such as the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) in place to tackle the issue of corruption.

He also pointed to the non-passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Bill while noting that the Police Force needs to be more equipped to deal with the issue of bribery.

Bond, on the other hand, reminded Urling that the ruling PPP/C has admitted that there is corruption, bringing up the corruption discovered at the state owned, National Communications Network (NCN).

“Do you remember NCN, Mr Urling where there was found to be massive corruption? Has anyone been jailed or criminally prosecuted for corruption that occurred at NCN? For us to sit here and say you know what, oh show me the evidence; it’s like saying for rape to occur, there must be penetration, I must see penetration,” Bond said.

He further noted, “What this government has done is to deprive and I want to say deprive in the sense of strangulate the institutions that could detect corruption…in every single Ministry, there is corruption and if we’re going to say show me the evidence, then you’re not ready to assume leadership of this country.”

In response, Urling again called for proper institutions to deal with corruption, pointing out that the President cannot prosecute anyone.

“If a corrupt act occurs and you have the evidence…the President will not show up to court and prosecute, we have ensure we have a strong judiciary to ensure there’s proper prosecution; we have to ensure we have a Guyana Police Force who can investigate these white collar crimes.”

Bond then touched on the NCN report which revealed that Martin Goolsarran, NCN’s Production Manager, submitted an invoice in his personal name and then took the money and deposited it into his personal bank account.

“It is a corrupt and indecent act for the President to sit on a corrupt report without forwarding it to the Police Force.”

In response to this, Urling said, “We need solutions and ensure we have a strong judicial system in place.”



  1. It just goes to show how a person could sell their soul like “JUDAS ” so as to benefit financially and forget about morals and the negative message he is sending to young and upcoming business entrepreneurs. He looked and sounded so foolish with his responses. His answers depicted a man with his head under water.
    That’s why Guyana needs a change.

  2. Y is it that only during elections time we become separated come on y’all we are all Guyanese n we get along so well so let allows peace to reign make sure u vote bcaz yr decision will benefit yr generations to come so ayuh stop pointing fingers n playing d blame game and let’s unite for out sakes n that of our children n children’s children.

  3. After a tough and dirty election it would be good if the contestants shake hands and start to work on improving the quality of life of all Guyanese.

    However, after THIS elections, it will warm my heart to see the losers(PPP/criminals) being carted off the jail.

    Then those blood sucking PPP bloggers here will stop receiving free money from office of the president and have to get real jobs.

  4. Don’t be misinformed or misled, Urling took his time in deciding when he would become involved in politics and also it is public knowledge that he had not chosen to align himself with any party and only did so after weighing the options that were in front of him. When was it public information that the PPPC coerced or initiated any attempt to make Urling a member??? All of you PNC AFC supporters were hoping that as Urling kept us all guessing he would have gone to your CRAPNU and AFC coalition. However someone with his high level of education and political acumen could only support what is best for himself and the country. That is the PPPC! That’s the party that will lead Guyana to bigger and better opportunities! Well done Urling and tough loss opposition!

  5. To justinwil what kinda development are u talking abt? The fact is when u don’t know better u can only talk abt Wat u kno but people keep talking abt development under the ppp and u can’t get clean water thru your pipe to drink I spend a week in Guyana and I had to buy water to drink bathe and cook cause I’m not using no brown water. Development start from simple things like that water is essential u think is rite u should be paying a bill for the kinda water that runs thru your pipe smh

  6. To both Travis and Owen! Urling is certainly no fool, he’s an extremely wise person. Because you need to understand that under the PNC,PNC1,PNCR,CRAPNU there was never a future with them and their will never be a future with them. So any person with common sense will align themselves with the party that has had enormous success at building this country’s economy and improving the quality of life of every Guyanese. Please try not to stifle your conscience! Just look at the track record of the PPPC and compare it with that of your party or numerous names! The proof is and will always be in the pudding! Right now the PPPC pudding is the in thing!

  7. clinton urling will be kicked to thecurb as soon as the elections are over in a few days time. from what transpired on this program alone it shows that he is an idiot and downright stupid. the ppp recruited him because the know he has nothing going for him and he won’t hesitate to lend his face to the farce that the ppp is a party of the young and it is multi-ethnic.

    the guyanese people cannot be duped by the likes of urling, luncheon, rohee, benn, harper, selman and the rest because they are aware of the little usage the ppp have for them.

  8. the fact is every citizen needs legal representation whenever the situation arises and every lawyer / legal aide who is hired to represent a citizen no matter the crime is doing exactly what the legal / justice system require of them.

    what do you want the lawyers to do, chuck in their careers and go start cutting cane and plant rice?

    if it boils down to only two choices i will put my life in the hands of any lawyer in guyana rather that ask t’ifes , human rights violators or a minister in government who wants to slap a woman and strip her naked to save me.

    when jagdeo, rohee, luncheon, and ramotar is arrested and carted off to jail in the hague, idiots like you will know the importance and the role of lawyers in society.

  9. I so agree with u Owen jerriho Urling was confronted with evidence from the mouth of the ppp/c and himself matter of fact only a fool can’t see urling is a big lier he’s in this for the money he’s a big disgrace

  10. Dennis McKenzie, I would like to show you what is real corruptions! Are you ready?
    To see corruptions, please Google: “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” also
    “Felix captured on tape making firearm deal” Real corruptions, real proof!, proof!!!!!!!
    “Then Top Cop Winston Felix and PNC official discuss planting drugs on a PNC female”
    Where you PNC getting the drugs from?
    Why are you PNC dealing in/with drugs?
    This is proof that PNC are drugs dealers!

  11. Dennis do you realise you are attacking your own? What are you doing to us man lol
    You need to rest up””

  12. Then why didn’t urling acused him (Brown). Urling was confronted with evidence from the mouth of the ppp/c and himself that he saw and all he can say is the police force and the judiciary system need to be improved. Ah! Give me a break. And what is your point anyway? Even if what u said about brown, is factual, are u saying it right to be done by someone else. I dnt agree with currouption regardless who does it. Yet, I’m not particularly care which party Urling gives his support to but his reasons left a lot to be desired.

  13. glem mook babboo lall must show de corruption poof…de baaboo bana peaced ppp corruption on a daily basis..it sound like dem boys seh jagdeo stick something up de mooklall babblse this is why de mooksrerlall bana does haller day and night ppp corrupton ..him want duty free stuff but poor guyanese must pay for it..glen babboo lalll cris big harn ram nighel gughes are all tax evaders but hey dem bana dis big yeah dem is de untouchables..ppp better tow dem line since all dem in bed wid pnc now

  14. I will never, ever spend my money at German Soup Shop again.
    Mr Urling is another PPP Bogus. Why these guys think that people are so backwards and foolish. Is he looking for the PPP to bail him out or they did that
    that is why he twisting up his big mouth for a few dollars more ?.

  15. Those two are no match for Nigel Hughes. He even fooled ‘the learned judge’ on the jury selection of the Lusignan massacre.
    Oh PNCites, your convenient forgetfulness reeks.
    Lies and crookedness is the order of the day.
    Mr Urling will make a difference.

  16. We all spew our bile about corruption.
    yes we do.
    Problem is the strongest defense of alleged criminals are
    our opposition Parliamentarians.
    Are they not the most learned and the most skillful at defense.

  17. It is pathetic,that a young business-man like you can be easily duped by Ramotar to say the least.Where does your intelligence lead you?into the hands and bosom of a deceiver who knows you`re a fool to be there.You can`t change anything now,because you will be coined as corrupt as they are.I thought you were smarter than that,Urling.

  18. Hold a minute! This is the same Bond who would bribe a prosecutor or judge or magistrate so that he could win a case and put a feather in his cap?? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!! I will agree that their appears to be corruption in many institutions but Mr. Bond and many of his lawyer friends also condone the practice of bribery!! The late Forbes Burnham would tell all his Ministers, “thief but don’t let me catch you”. So if there is corruption then the corrupt persons must be held accountable if and when caught! So Mr. Bond can’t speak about corruption when he condones the very same corrupt practices that he talks about! The retort to my opinion…..”show me the proof and the evidence”.

  19. Smh urling lol your so dumb y is it we have so much dumb people in office u keep contradicting ur self is like everything u say was a lie when u wanna lie u have to remember what u say at all times he’s a 2 mouthed idiot………I like how James Bond and Chapwany had him foolish man


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